[75% WR] Echo’s Elemental Tempo Rogue [FULL GUIDE]

Class: Rogue - Format: mammoth - Type: tempo - Season: season-44 - Style: ladder

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Hey guys! 

I’m back with a new and exciting Tempo Rogue list for you 🙂

This deck has been doing really good in the early season ranks (18-10) and i highly recommend trying it out if you are looking to switch it up a little! 

For a long time i have been trying to put together a Tempo Rogue with the Elemental synergies that works good for me, and i haven’t really been pleased until now. I have been inspired by other great rogue players using this form of deck, but i had to tweak it quite a bit to find the list that fits my style of play. (Mr Yagut, J4ckiechan and Asmodai to mention a few).

The deck uses the same early curve pressure and board control strategies as a normal Tempo Rogue, but it offers a lot more value for the slower matchups. Cards like BackstabSwashburglarPatches the PiratePrince KelesethShadowstepVilespine Slayer and SI:7 Agent are to me a must have in these type of decks and is still great tempo swings to maintain board presence and tempo throughout the game. However, cards like Fire Plume PhoenixGrave ShamblerTol’vir StoneshaperServant of KalimosShadowcaster and Blazecaller synergizes great with one another and gives you that extra “edge” you’re gonna need in some matchups.

Some of the cards and why they are here:

– Any Rogue deck is gonna have this card in it. It synergizes great with the combo dependent cards, and it is a very valuable card against the fast matchups.

SI:7 Agent
– Also a staple in any Rogue deck. Great with The Coin or Backstab in the faster matchups, and it allows you to gain control of the board early, making sure your opponent has to play reactive from there on.

– This is one of the cards that isn’t really a staple in some of the Elemental lists i’ve seen, but considering all the battlecries and combo potential in this deck, i think it’s a great inclusion. + who doesn’t love to get 2x or even 3x buffs from Keleseth 🙂

Cold Blood
– This is also more of the more uncommon cards in this type of deck, but i simply think it is a insane card to combo out in the early game to get that dominance and smorcing your opponent down much faster. It also allows cheap and easy trades through taunts or other minions you wanna get through.

Tar Creeper
 Great card in the faster matchups – Great card overall. Really slows the board down when you are having a slower start.

Tol'vir Stoneshaper
– Same as the Creeper this is a great card against the more aggressive decks. With a buff from Keleseth this is also a pain in the ass for Priests.

Grave Shambler 
– This is also one of the cards that doesn’t see much play now a days, but i think it’s a great minion to play in Rogue especially. It has great synergy with the hero power (it very often comes out as a 4 mana 5/5 or even 6/6) and it activates Servant of Kalimos on curve.

Fire Plume Phoenix
– Allthough this card has a pretty bad statline for it’s cost I think it’s a great inclusion in this deck. It works very well against the faster matchups where you need to take the board early, and it also activates Servant of Kalimos on curve.

Servant of Kalimos
– No Elemental deck is complete without this card. Value creator and a great minion overall. If you get to use Shadowstep or Shadowcaster on this minion you should be very happy 🙂 

– This card is just amazing in this deck! Probably my favorite Rogue card overall. The amount of battlecries and valuable minions make it so there’s almost always a card to hit with it. I simply think this card is incredible. It doesn’t cost to much to be a little bit greedy with it either. Hitting a Servant of Kalimos or a Blazecaller is sometimes just game winning.

– The power level on this card is absolutely sick. Dealing 5 damage with a heavy minion on board is a massive temposwing. In some matchups you wanna keep it and clear minions and use it to fight for the board, but it’s just as good to slam it on the board on curve and hit your opponents face for 5 dmg.



High priority: Backstab, Fire Fly, Prince Keleseth,  Swashburglar 

Lower priority: SI:7 Agent (High priority if on coin), Tar Creeper


High priority: Swashburglar, Prince Keleseth, Tar Creeper Servant of Kalimos

Lower priority: Fire Plume Phoenix SI:7 Agent, Tol'vir Stoneshaper  

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