About Hearthstone Top Decks

Hearthstone Top Decks was originally created as a way to compile the best decks from pro players and streamers. It slowly grew from this into a fully encompassing Hearthstone website that featured in-depth guides and content. It also features a large community that submit stellar decks and guides!

Hearthstone Top Decks was acquired by the ZAM Network in January 2018.

The Hearthstone Top Decks Team

Take a look at all of the people that makes Hearthstone Top Decks possible!

Evident – Site Admin

Evident is the original creator of Hearthstone Top Decks. He has been gaming for the majority of his life, and started creating websites in his teenage years and has never looked back. He also runs the general gaming site Pro Game Guides!

Skiffington – Site Admin

Dillon got his start with generic games writing before working his way into the League of Legends esports scene. He joined Zam as a writer for Lolking before transitioning over to Hearthhead in September 2015. There he headed up the website for two years until Zam’s acquisition of Hearthstone Top Decks. Since then he’s worked alongside Evident to bring the site to new heights.

He also works on a variety of other projects including HOTS Logs, Hearthhead, and StormShield.One.

He is a proud one time Hearthstone Legend though the record shows that he wasn’t able to do it until the ladder rework and he did it in Wild so does that even really count?

Sas148 – Community Relations Manager

Stephen joined Wowhead.com as a volunteer Moderator in 2012 before eventually taking on screenshots and other responsibilities. His desire to advance and better the Wowhead community eventually resulted in an offer to help facilitate communications between the site and its users. After receiving his degree in Business Administration he was offered a broader role involving the entire network of ZAM sites.

When not answering emails and troubleshooting various anomalies you’d probably find Stephen catching up on various TV shows, like Game of Thrones, or playing whatever game his friends are obsessed with that week. Odds are though you’d probably just find him finally getting some sleep.

Stonekeep – Head Writer

Stonekeep has joined ZAM on July 2017, first writing for HearthHead and later for Hearthstone Top Decks. He covers all kind of content and updates existing resources, ranging from deck guides and compilations, adding & reviewing cards during the reveal season, new players’ guides, all the way to articles about the ongoing events or even recording videos of Legendary minions entrance animations. Before joining ZAM, he was honing his writing skills, working freelance for different Hearthstone sites (including HSTD!) since 2015.

Stonekeep started playing Hearthstone during the game’s Closed Beta – he signed for the beta in September 2013, inspired by the game’s popularity on Twitch and his love for Blizzard titles, and finally got his key a month later. Despite being a major Blizzard fanboy (original Diablo and Warcraft 2 were one of his first PC games played around 2000), he tries to judge the developers’ actions objectively, which often shows in his articles criticizing the Hearthstone team. Besides Hearthstone, he likes to play other video games (mainly RPGs & strategy games), read books (his favorite genre is mystery), stay up to date with tech news, watch TV series (including anime), and cook.

Argentan – Writer

Robert has been playing Hearthstone since closed beta. Since none of his close friends played the game, he began writing for Hearthstone Top Decks to finally have a group of like-minded Hearthstone junkies to analyze the game with. When not climbing the ladder or duking it out in the Arena, Robert leads a mythic raiding guild in WoW. (Alliance, of course!) He is also a Diamond League of Legends player and an avid fan of the Dark Souls series and all things Nintendo.

Out in the mysterious “real world”, Robert is a law school graduate pursuing a career in video game and esports law. He has worked with some of the most well-known and respected attorneys in the field such as Ryan Morrison and Michael Lee.

  • Favorite Card: Vol'jin
  • Favorite Deck: WotOG-era Dragon N’Zoth Priest
  • Twitter: ArgentanLaw

Martian – Writer

Card games are Martian’s favorite hobby. He grew up playing the Pokémon Trading Card game competitively and sports multiple top 4 Master’s Division finishes at State and Regional Championships. A long time fan of the Warcraft franchise and its short-lived paper card game, Martian was excited when Hearthstone was announced and has been playing consistently since Classic. Martian enjoys climbing to Legend and does so every month in both Standard and Wild.

  • Favorite Card: I want to say Shudderwock but that’s probably temporary, definitely Loatheb.
  • Favorite Deck: Monkey Warrior
  • Twitter: ccgMartian

Matthiest – Writer

Matthieist joined Hearthstone Top Decks after it merged with Hearthhead in early 2018. Competitive at heart (perhaps a bit too much), the thing he enjoys most in Hearthstone is plain and simple: winning. Aside from going on a win-streak Matthieist’s favorite moments in playing Hearthstone are crafting a horrible deck when an expansion comes out, and then resorting to whatever the Hearthstone pros are playing. He has followed Hearthstone’s competitive scene closely for over three years, and almost always has a tab open with a professional player streaming Hearthstone.

Outside of the world of Hearthstone (of which he has to remind himself that it exists), Matthieist binge-watches every series he finds even moderately interesting. When there’s no internet, or when there’s been too much internet, a good biography is the entertainment of choice. He also tries to convince himself to go to the gym regularly (it’s not going well so far).

  • Favorite Deck: Malygos Warlock
  • Twitter: Matthieist

Old Guardian – Writer

Ville has written and created videos about Hearthstone since 2015, and started writing for Hearthhead in early 2017. After Hearthstone Top Decks joined the ZAM family, he moved over to this site as a guide and feature writer focused on analytic, educational Hearthstone.

Ville has played Hearthstone since beta and after overcoming his natural urge to play Murloc Warlock and Face Hunter in vanilla, he has explored all that Standard format has to offer and built numerous decks such as Justicar Brann Paladin and Dragon Druid. He has also kept playing various Control Warrior and Control Paladin builds long after those archetypes went out of style.

Roffle – Writer

A card game veteran, Roffle has been infatuated with Hearthstone since its closed beta. These days, he spends most of his time tinkering with decks on ladder or earning gold in Arena (F2P btw). Roffle has a wealth of experience in competitive Wild Hearthstone, including a top 16 finish in the inaugural Wild Open Tournament and numerous high end-of-season finishes since the format’s inception. Shortly thereafter, he began writing articles and guides for Hearthstone Top Decks.

Stelios – Writer

Stelios got his first taste of gaming at age 7, when he played Warcraft: Orcs and Humans on his older brother’s laptop. This would be the beginning of his adoration for Blizzard titles, but that doesn’t mean he would be limited to them. After spending his early teens playing on his Playstation One, he soon got his first PC and discovered WoW through a friend. After focusing on that for his teens (getting a couple of server firsts during WotLK and placing top 15% in 3v3 during Season 1 in WoD) he started playing Hearthstone after getting a closed beta invite.

Stelios started writing guides in early 2017 and has, since then, placed 3 times in top 500 and won 1 Go4Hearthstone on ESL while placing regularly in the top 32 and getting top 16 in both seasons of ESL Major League Greece in 2017.

Tharid – Writer

Julian joined the HSTD family after the fusion with Hearthhead. Before that he produced content and crafted articles for Red Bull and ESL. His journalistic journey started back in 2013 when he did an internship for an esports site called cadred.org under a editor-in-chief called Richard Lewis.

His love with Hearthstone was on first sight, and from the Beta up to this day this love never ceased. Besides crafting deck guides, Julian’s favorite thing to write about is Hearthstone lore. His roots in World of Warcraft really show when he tries to bring the HSTD community close to the wonderful history of the Warcraft universe.

Luci (YelloRambo) – Writer

Luci started his HTD career by documenting the most egregious nerfs in the history of the game and hasn’t stopped digging for gold nuggets in the storied past of Hearthstone ever since. His Hearthstone career has involved just as much note-taking as complaining ever since the game hit its open beta.

He’s either writing his nth article about an interesting story or relaxing by reading one written by someone else, you’ll likely find him trying to shake off his rust in strategy games or CS:GO.