Knights of the Frozen Throne (KFT) Decks & Deck Lists

We’re getting close to the launch of Knights of the Frozen Throne, and if you’ve been around the site for launches in the past then you’ll know that I post a TON of deck lists throughout the early days of the expansion. I’m going to be posting day one of the Frozen Throne’s deck lists here in this post. For now, check out some of the new deck recipes and some of our theorycraft deck guides!

Keep in mind that these decks are all a work in progress and it will take a couple weeks for the meta to sort itself out.

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I have stopped updating this post. If you want recently posted decks, check out our Hearthstone Ladder Decks section. For the best of the Frozen Throne so far, check out our Best Knights of the Frozen Throne Decks post.

Pro & Streamer Frozen Throne Deck Lists










Frozen Throne Deck Recipes

Here are the new and updated deck recipes featuring some of the new Knights of the Frozen Throne cards.

Theorycraft Deck Guides

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