Top Standard & Wild Legend Decks – Scholomance Academy Week 12 – October 2020

Because a new balance update was released this Thursday, nerfing one of the most popular decks in the meta (Tempo / Small Spell Mage), a new game mode was released and Masters Tour Madrid started right after… we don’t have that many decks to share. But even if we did, we probably wouldn’t be able to surprise you. Just like previously, when Guardian Druid was nerfed, it didn’t shake up the entire meta – it just made already strong decks even stronger and maybe changed the balance in T1/T2 a bit. No new decks have popped so far. Yeah, Control Shaman is being tested more extensively than previously, I’ve seen some other experiments too, but so far it’s hard to say whether they will

In other news, new expansion was announced and it’s releasing quite soon. We usually expect 3rd expansion of the year to be out around the first-second week of December, but it turns out that Madness at the Darkmoon Faire releases on November 17. That’s ~3 weeks earlier than usually, which we find really interesting. It also means that we’ll enter the reveal season quite soon (November 3), and then start theorycrafting around November 12. So if you’re bored of the current meta (and I wouldn’t blame you if you were, because while I found it quite fun, it hasn’t changed much in the last 2 months), you won’t have to play it for much longer. Learn more about the upcoming expansion and all the other changes with our Darkmoon Faire Guide!

Good news for those who play early access of the new mode is that we’re working on an article with the best starter decks for Duels, so if you’re interested in that, it should be out pretty soon! We should also have Top 8 line-ups from Masters Tour Madrid posted later today or tomorrow.

Below, you will find a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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Hearthstone Standard Legend Decks of the Week

Hearthstone Wild Legend Decks of the Week


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  1. Asperkraken
    October 25, 2020 at 11:51 am

    Control Shaman is interesting at least, even if it just to counter much of the meta. I feel Fist of Ra-Den can be replaced with another Squallhunter or even Vulpera Scoundrel. Had it and earned it in Dragons but dusted it because random Legendaries can be trash.