Top Standard Legend Decks From Saviors of Uldum – Week 5 (September 2019)

Nerf patch has been out for almost 2 weeks now and while it didn’t change the meta completely, it shook it up quite nicely. Highlander Mage, for better of for worse, plummeted in popularity. Given that other Mage decks like Cyclone Mage or Freeze Mage aren’t popular either, it paints a rather grim picture for Mage players. It’s the least popular class right now, and it has no Tier 1 or 2 deck. Other than that, however, the meta is pretty balanced and every class has a saying in how it looks like. Top 10 decks are pretty close to each other in terms of win rate and we have nothing that really stands out in an unhealthy way. Well, maybe one deck – Murloc Paladin. While it’s not as good in Legend, right now it’s pretty dominant in the lower ranks. It’s a very straightforward deck that relies heavily on drawing the right card and playing it. It’s simple, easy to pilot and produces good results at a very low effort, making it a perfect deck for lower ranks. In higher ranks, on the other hand, Combo Priest is dominating. Between R5 and Legend, the deck is incredibly common and also strong. However, its popularity falls off very quickly, down from almost 20% at R1 and Legend to ~4-5% at R5, at which it stays through the rest of ranks.

One more deck I’d like to talk about is Control Warrior. It’s still good. Nerfing Dr. Boom, Mad Genius to 9 did matter, of course, but not enough to reduce the deck’s win rate considerably. The thing is that the card is mostly there to win slow matchups, and waiting 2 more turns in the perspective of the entire game all the way until fatigue is not that much. You’ll miss some value, some tempo, but once it’s up it’s exactly the same. I guess that we might have to wait all the way until next rotation for Control Warrior to fall out of the meta, unless they decide to make a second attempt at Boom (or maybe some other strong Warrior cards).

Below, you will find a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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Hearthstone Legend Decks of the Week


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