Rewards Track Refresh & Diamond Cards

On top of a bunch of new cards, Blizzard has just dropped some big news. In the blog post, they’ve shared two things – an update to rewards track, as well as a new cosmetic – Diamond Cards.

  • Rewards Track – The number of “Core” levels have been doubled (from 50 to 100) without increasing the total XP required, so players can feel more meaningful progress. Rewards will now be distributed more effectively throughout the track. New reward was added to regular track – uncraftable Golden cards (so certain cards from Barrens expansion which Golden versions will only be available from the track). Blizzard has also posted a full XP chart for the new rewards track, so we’ll analyze it soon and compare to the current one!
  • Diamond Cards – As an extra cosmetic option, some cards will now be available in Diamond. For Forged in the Barrens, Blizzard has announced two – Bru'kan (obtained by collecting all Legendaries from the set) and Blademaster Samuro (obtained by purchasing Tavern Pass). The cards will feature new 3D animations, more of the artwork will be showcased and they will have a big, elaborate Diamond border. Update: Celestalon posted a video of how Diamond Cards look like in game!

Learn more from the official blog post below:

We’ve made several adjustments to the Rewards Track over the last few months, based on player feedback: increasing rewards, upping the frequency of rewards, and removing limitations that might make rewards more difficult to obtain. We’re always iterating on our systems and features, and the Rewards Track is no exception.

When the Rewards Track refreshes for the first time when Forged in the Barrens launches, all players will automatically be granted any unclaimed rewards on both the free track and the Tavern Pass track (if purchased), and a completely new Rewards Track featuring a bevy of new unlockable loot will take its place.*


You can find the full table of rewards and XP needed for every level of both the Forged in the Barrens free track and Tavern Pass below, as well as a difference table to give a better idea of what’s changed since last expansion.

*Level 50 Hero skin choice must be made before the Forged in the Barrens Rewards Track refresh. Additionally, all players who are online at the time of the refresh will not see their Rewards Track immediately change over. These players must relog to receive the updated rewards track. We’re working to have the level 50 Hero skin automatically granted for those who missed claiming it and for the refresh to happen seamlessly for actively online players in a future patch.

Rewards Track Refresh & Updates


The Rewards Track for Forged in the Barrens will include card packs from expansions in Standard, the Zuldazar card back, Tavern Tickets, a random Epic card, two random Legendary cards, and a lot of Gold. For finishing the track, you’ll get to choose from one of 10 returning Hero Skins. We’ve also added 14 uncraftable Golden cards and the Legendary minion, Mankrik, which will be the first reward on the new track!

Lvl XP To Level Cumulative XP Free Track Tavern Pass
1 0 0 Mankrik (Uncraftable Legendary) 10% XP Boost, Diamond Blademaster Samuro (Uncraftable)
2 100 100 50 Gold
3 100 200 Barrens Pack
4 150 350 2x Golden Venomous Scorpid (Uncraftable Common)
5 150 500 Barrens Pack Young Rokara Hero Skin (Warrior)
6 225 725 2x Golden Peon (Uncraftable Common)
7 225 950 50 Gold
8 300 1250 2x Golden Hog Rancher (Uncraftable Common)
9 300 1550 Barrens Pack
10 325 1875 Random Epic Card Initiate Kurtrus Hero Skin (Demon Hunter)
11 325 2200 50 Gold
12 350 2550 50 Gold
13 350 2900 Golden [TO BE REVEALED] (Uncraftable Rare)
14 375 3275 50 Gold
15 375 3650 Zuldazar Card Back Survivor Xyrella Hero Skin (Priest)
16 400 4050 50 Gold
17 400 4450 50 Gold
18 425 4875 Year of the Phoenix Pack
19 425 5300 50 Gold
20 450 5750 Random Legendary Card 15% XP Boost
21 450 6200 50 Gold
22 550 6750 50 Gold
23 600 7350 Golden Burning Blade Acolyte (Uncraftable Rare)
24 650 8000 50 Gold
25 675 8675 Year of the Phoenix Pack Golden Vol’jin (Uncraftable Legendary)
26 675 9350 50 Gold
27 875 10225 50 Gold
28 875 11100 Golden Horde Operative (Uncraftable Rare)
29 1000 12100 50 Gold
30 1100 13200 Tavern Ticket Barrens Card Back
31 1200 14400 50 Gold
32 1200 15600 50 Gold
33 1250 16850 Golden [TO BE REVEALED] (Uncraftable Rare)
34 1250 18100 50 Gold
35 1300 19400 Year of the Phoenix Pack
36 1300 20700 50 Gold
37 1350 22050 50 Gold
38 1350 23400 Golden Burning Blade Acolyte (Uncraftable Rare)
39 1400 24800 50 Gold
40 1400 26200 Year of the Phoenix Pack Recruit Rokara Hero Skin (Warrior)
41 1450 27650 50 Gold
42 1450 29100 50 Gold
43 1500 30600 Golden Horde Operative (Uncraftable Rare)
44 1500 32100 50 Gold
45 1550 33650 Tavern Ticket
46 1550 35200 50 Gold
47 1600 36800 50 Gold
48 1600 38400 Year of the Phoenix Pack
49 1650 40050 Tavern Ticket
50 1650 41700 Random Legendary Card Firefang Rexxar Hero Skin (Hunter)
51 1700 43,400 75 Gold
52 1700 45,100 75 Gold
53 1750 46,850 75 Gold
54 1750 48,600 75 Gold
55 1800 50,400 Year of the Phoenix Pack
56 1800 52,200 75 Gold
57 1850 54,050 75 Gold
58 1850 55,900 75 Gold
59 1900 57,800 75 Gold
60 1900 59,700 Year of the Phoenix Pack Adept Kurtrus Hero Skin (Demon Hunter)
61 1950 61,650 75 Gold
62 1950 63,600 75 Gold
63 2000 65,600 75 Gold
64 2000 67,600 75 Gold
65 2050 69,650 Golden Primordial Protector (Uncraftable Epic)
66 2050 71,700 75 Gold
67 2125 73,825 75 Gold
68 2125 75,950 75 Gold
69 2250 78,200 75 Gold
70 2250 80,450 Year of the Phoenix Pack 20% XP Boost
71 2375 82,825 75 Gold
72 2375 85,200 75 Gold
73 2500 87,700 75 Gold
74 2500 90,200 75 Gold
75 2500 92,700 Golden Primordial Protector (Uncraftable Epic)
76 2500 95,200 100 Gold
77 2500 97,700 100 Gold
78 2500 100,200 100 Gold
79 2500 102,700 100 Gold
80 2500 105,200 100 Gold Shardseeker Xyrella Hero Skin (Priest)
81 2500 107,700 100 Gold
82 2500 110,200 100 Gold
83 2500 112,700 100 Gold
84 2500 115,200 100 Gold
85 2500 117,700 100 Gold
86 2500 120,200 100 Gold
87 2500 122,700 100 Gold
88 2500 125,200 100 Gold
89 2500 127,700 100 Gold
90 2500 130,200 150 Gold Kazakus Cosmetic Coin
91 2500 132,700 150 Gold
92 2500 135,200 150 Gold
93 2500 137,700 150 Gold
94 2500 140,200 150 Gold
95 2500 142,700 150 Gold
96 2500 145,200 150 Gold
97 2500 147,700 150 Gold
98 2500 150,200 150 Gold
99 2500 152,700 150 Gold
100 2500 155,200 Hero Skin Choice Trainer Kurtrus Hero Skin (Demon Hunter), Lightweaver Xyrella Hero Skin (Priest), Rokara of the Horde Hero Skin (Warrior)
101-130 1325-1475 […] 50 Gold
131-400 1500 602,200 50 Gold

We’ve made several additional changes for the new Rewards Track aimed at making in-game progression feel even better. In summary, we’ve doubled the number of core reward levels from 50 to 100, and halved the amount of XP required to reach each level. Where possible, we’ve also adjusted the amount of rewards at each level, in order to distribute them more effectively across the whole track. To this end, we’ve introduced new rewards, including the uncraftable golden cards, in places where simply adjusting the amount of previous season’s rewards wasn’t possible (like where a card pack was on the Rewards Track). The intent with these changes is to offer even more frequent rewards, particularly in later levels.



You’ll notice that we’ve added new card packs to the free track: Year of the Phoenix packs! Year of the Phoenix packs contain cards from sets released in the Year of the Phoenix: Ashes of OutlandScholomance AcademyMadness at the Darkmoon Faire, and the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set!

We also made a couple of additional changes outside of the Rewards Track. We updated Achievements to show progress bars for each type of Achievement in your Journal now, showcasing your total percent progress for each Achievement category. Additionally, you’ll now be able to re-roll the guaranteed Weekly Quest: Win 5 games of Ranked Play Mode.

Finally, please note that incomplete Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Gameplay achievements will no longer grant Reward Track XP after the 20.0 patch is released, and instead a new set of Forged in the Barrens Gameplay achievements will, so don’t forget to finish and claim those before they’re gone!

Diamond Cards

Diamond Blademaster Samuro Entrance Animation

With the introduction of the Forged in the Barrens Tavern Pass, we’re excited to announce what was previously spell-locked for Phase 1 on our roadmap for the year—an all-new cosmetic card tier for Hearthstone: Diamond cards! Each expansion will include one or more handcrafted Diamond Legendary cards that feature completely new 3D animations, more real estate for card art, and a stylish Diamond border.

Blademaster Samuro and Bru’kan will receive the Diamond treatment in Forged in the Barrens! The unlock criteria for these cards are as follows:

  • Diamond Blademaster Samuro – Instantly obtainable by purchasing the Forged in the Barrens Tavern Pass and claiming the card on the Rewards track.
  • Diamond Bru’kan – Obtained by completing the Forged in the Barrens Legendary Collector 5/5 Achievement (Collect all Legendary cards from the set.)


Forged in the Barrens Tavern Pass

The Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Tavern Pass will expire with the launch of Forged in the Barrens and a new Tavern Pass will be made available for purchase—offering a host of brand-new cosmetic rewards and XP boosts.


Purchasing the Tavern Pass at any point during the expansion will immediately grant the Diamond Blademaster Samuro Legendary card, a 10% XP Boost that lasts for the duration of the expansion, and all items up to your current level on the paid track. As you progress with the Tavern Pass during the Forged in the Barrens expansion, you’ll earn additional XP Boosts, the Barrens card back, the uncraftable Shadowhunter Vol’jin Golden Legendary minion, the Firefang Rexxar Hero Skin, and an all-new cosmetic coin! You can also earn Hero Skins for the new Mercenaries introduced in Forged in the Barrens: three Rokara Warrior Hero Skins, three Kurtrus Demon Hunter Hero Skins, and three Xyrella Priest Hero Skins!

As a reminder, Battlegrounds Perks are now available as a standalone purchase, separate from the Tavern Pass.

New Cosmetic Coins


There are three new Cosmetic Coins on the way, two of which are themed after Forged in the Barrens and obtainable by the following means:

  • Completing the first 90 levels of the Rewards Track with the Tavern Pass.
  • Collecting 135 unique Forged in the Barrens cards.

We are planning a 35 card Mini-Set for Forged in the Barrens, so that second Achievement will become much easier once there are 170 to collect in total! We’ll have more information to share on the Forged in the Barrens Mini-Set in the coming months.

We’ve also added a Bigglesworth coin for collecting one of every card from Scholomance Academy. Collect all 135 cards from Scholomance Academy and this new coin will be yours!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Diamond cards be disenchanted?
    • No, Diamond cards are uncraftable and cannot be disenchanted. Diamond cards cannot be found in card packs.
  • How do the uncraftable Golden cards on the Reward Track work?
    • Golden cards on the free track cannot be crafted, disenchanted, or obtained from card packs. When the Rewards Track refreshes at the start of our next expansion, these Golden cards will be earnable via other means. Non-Golden versions of these cards will still be earnable through normal means such as crafting or pack opening.
  • Will I be able to buy the next Mini-Set with Gold?
    • Yes, like the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set, you will be able to purchase the next Mini-Set with real money or Gold.


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  1. Dawnsblood
    March 18, 2021 at 4:15 pm

    It looks pretty fair to me. The value seems at least as generous as the revamped one that’s currently running. So I’m cool with all that. My only complaint (and it’s really minor) is that I hate uncraftable golden cards.

    When I import a decklist, they tend to get auto included and I always have to go the extra step of pulling them out. It just bothers me when my cards don’t all have the same style. Like I said, minor but annoying anyway 🙂

    • JoyDivision
      March 19, 2021 at 12:59 am

      Um, there is a table in this article that shows that it’s better than the current one … or am I missing something?

      Regarding cosmetics: I. don’t. get. why. they. release. so. few. Rogue. cosmetics. But hey, at least there are no new Paladin heroes. 😉

      And that Bigglesworth coin … Jesus I’m triggered. 😀 I guess if I own all Scholomance cards then I’ll get it right away?

  2. Kenichyo
    March 18, 2021 at 2:13 pm

    I need those priest skin! i need them! <3

  3. H0lysatan
    March 18, 2021 at 2:05 pm

    Woah. Time for salty comments.
    Can’t believe they’re actually being nice and give more rewards. It’s unlike greddy Activision at all.
    (Even tho they’re just fired of tens of people).

    Can’t believe they’re actually start listening to people, and I don’t know if this were on purpose or not, and they actually felt those players leaving and hurting their business back then with the first reward track drama.

    Can’t believe the devs starts giving a full explanation info for us to process instead of hiding every little info like the last time, I mean what’s happening? Please, this is too good to be true.

  4. Electronick
    March 18, 2021 at 11:57 am

    Well considering the amount of gold I have from the last expansions reward track is a hell of a lot more than ever before and the Forged one looks strictly better id say that’s pretty awesome.

    Man those Diamond cards look beautiful. I wonder if collecting the mini-set’s legendaries will count towards the achievement? I hope so because I need that card in my life.

    • GiantSloar
      March 18, 2021 at 12:24 pm

      Yeah, I’m really impressed with how much I ended up with compared to previous expansions. I’m probably getting at least 20 more packs than usual AND I gave-in and bought the Battlegrounds pass when it dropped to 50% off.

  5. A person who reacts to this
    March 18, 2021 at 11:02 am

    I really like the changes they are making. 🙂

  6. Noelle
    March 18, 2021 at 10:42 am

    How much is the Tavern Pass gonna cost?

    • Irish Seadog
      March 18, 2021 at 11:02 am

      I imagine it should be the same as before.

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      March 18, 2021 at 11:55 am

      Pricing wasn’t announced yet. Last time it costed $19.99, so I’d guess the same. Maybe $24.99 because there are more cosmetics now.