Patch 25.4 And Return to Naxxramas Mini-Set Are Now Out!

Return to Naxxramas mini-set was announced last week, we learned all of the new cards by Sunday and full patch notes were dropped yesterday. The patch is now out on PC – we expect it to be released on Android and iOS within the next few hours (Update: It’s out on all platforms now!) Here’s a quick summary of the patch:

  • Return to Naxxramas Mini-Set – 38 brand new cards you can purchase either with Gold or real money. You can find a full list here.
  • Battlegrounds Updates – New Hero (Teron Gorefiend) and a few general updates.
  • Mercenaries Update – The biggest post-launch update for the mode, introducing new Mercs, dual-type Mercs, Factions (extra minion types) as well as end-game Mythic Boss Rush content. However, it’s also the final Mercenaries update – the mode will still be maintained with bug fixes and balance changes if necessary, but new content will no longer be added.
  • Arena Update – A new Arena season starts, all the current runs will be retired and players will be able to draft from a new pool of expansions. Every retired run will be refunded with a free ticket, so it’s worth starting a run and playing until 2 loses! Arena will also get a new, live leaderboard – you will be able to see who are the top Arena players in a given season whenever you want.
  • New Cosmetics – Blizzard announced the “Corgi Cup” event, rewarding cosmetics related to Corgi (the dog breed). Not sure what it’s all about, we don’t have any details yet. On top of that, three of the old, iconic cards will get a Diamond version (Reno Jackson, Patches the Pirate, Zola the Gorgon)
  • Bug Fixes & Game Improvements – Just like always, the patch launches with a lot of smaller updates and bug fixes. The biggest one is probably added Corpse counter for every class. Now when you steal a Death Knight card that utilizes Corpses, you will be able to take advantage of its extra effects.

To learn more, you can find full patch notes here.

We’ll be adding all of the best-performing decks from the mini-set soon. Just like always, we’ll be prioritizing new/updated archetypes, but if a deck that hasn’t been changed still performs well, we’ll post it too since it’s valuable information.


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  1. Adolfkirby
    February 14, 2023 at 2:37 pm

    It is still not out on the amazon appstore