The Curator Boss Guide & Information – One Night in Karazhan

Here’s our The Curator Boss Guide & Information for the Hearthstone Adventure, One Night in Karazhan. We’ll be listing The Curator’s deck, special cards, winning deck lists, and card rewards for defeating the boss!

General Information

The Curator is the first boss of The Menagerie wing in One Night in Karazhan. The Curator has malfunctioned and is letting beasts, demons, and murlocs go free, you need to stop him before The Menagerie is overrun!

  • The Curator starts out with 30 Health in Normal mode.
  • The Curator starts out with 40 Health and 15 Armor in Heroic mode.

Card Rewards

Defeating The Curator will unlock these cards: ZoobotMenagerie Warden

The Curator’s Hero Power

The Curator’s Cards/Deck

How-to Beat Heroic The Curator

The Curator has Taunt and requires you to output some damage quite quickly to defeat him. You also need to get a bit lucky with how he rolls the various summon cards he plays, as long as he doesn’t get anything too crazy, a deck like Aggro Shaman can supply enough damage to finish The Curator before he has time to mount enough of a board. Spells can still be used to take down his minions so if there’s something particularly troubling on the board don’t hesitate to remove it to preserve your minions.

Heroic The Curator Successful Deck Lists

Community Decks

If you have a list you’d like to suggest use our Hearthstone Deck Builder and paste the link in the comments below. If the deck looks good I will add it to the list!

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  1. Phil
    August 25, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    I feel that in normal just about any aggressive deck can take him down easily, but in heroic, where he has 55 health, I tried two different aggro decks (Hunter and shaman) and after that I tried freeze Mage, and won on the the first try, it was fairly simple to keep his board under control via spells, doomsayer, etc. Alexstaza was actually near the bottom of my deck, so I managed to stay alive for a good bit, although only slightly to finish him off when I finally drew Alex and had already amassed 15+ burn in my hand by that point.