Kinguin Pro League Finals

Kinguin Pro League was a multi-week tournament that concluded with the top 6 point-getters battling it out for world domination! Check out more information and decks from previous weeks here.

Notable Decks

The decks were actually quite dull with no one bringing anything overly risky other than Kolento with his Priest. Hyped brought a Freeze Mage that had Malygos, and StrifeCro was the only player to bring Paladin. Hyped also brought an Oil Rogue that contained Scarlet Crusader.

Notable Stats

The most notable stat is the fact that not one BRM Dragon was seen in any of the decks. The only cards from BRM that made any real impact were Grim Patron, Emperor Thaurissan, and Imp Gang Boss.

Dr. Boom continues to be at the top of the charts appearing in 62.5% of decks. BRM newcomer Emperor Thaurissan charted in at 58.3% crushing old reliable Loatheb at a surprisingly low 29.2%. Big Game Hunter has also dropped from its prior glory showing up in just 25% of decks.

Patron Warrior has taken the meta by storm with Hyped being the only one brave enough not to bring the deck. Hyped in fact, was the only player to not bring Warlock and Warrior which was brought by every other player. Warlock was a near even split with 3 players bringing Midrange Demon Zoo and 2 bringing Handlock. Mage was also a popular pick being brought by four players with 2 Mech and 2 Freeze.

Bottom of the barrel continues to be Shaman being brought by zero players. Priest and Paladin also did not see much play being brought by only one player each.

Deck Lists

Card Stats

Card Stats are based on how many decks the card appears in.