Wild Malygos Shaman ( Rank 10 – Legend Climb )

Class: Shaman - Format: wild - Type: combo - Season: season-60 - Style: ladder

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Wild Malygos Shaman is a deck that i believe most people consider it bad or incosistent but i found a huge success destroying all tier 1 decks with a pretty good winratio losing only to Kingsbane rogue and baku warrior ( ffs who plays that thing in wild…) after you learn how to optimise your draw and manipulate your lethal potentials you’ll realise how good and consistant the deck is.

Basically you need to keep in EVERY matchup Spirit of the frog which fetches you the cards you need to survive and gain board control early

Malygos,Emperor is a must keep against Slow decks

I do not recomment keeping Spirit of the Frog + Barnes in the same hand because you wont get the optimal value if both on starting hand

Also, against aggro dont be afraid to use early game removals such us totemics smashes/frost shocks etc to gain the advantage and keep yourself healthy.

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