Wild Feign Death Hunter (June 2017)

Class: Hunter - Format: wild - Type: combo - Season: season-39 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

Terrorscale stalker really depends on what your other cards look like, shaky zipgunner as well is fine if you have a turn 2 play or the coin.

Obviously, this deck looks to exploit the deathrattle mechanic by either forcing your opponent to make certain trades or produce multiple effects.  The mulligan for this deck is very important and is not straightforward.  It’s better to explain best and worst case scenarios for your turns so you can better see how to mulligan:

Turn 1: Webspinner/ Runic Egg  / I’ll explain Tracking later.

Turn 2: Any 2 drop minion or glaivezooka if you managed to get a minion out on turn 1 (possibly with coin)

Turn 3: Here’s where value starts adding up: Terrorscale Stalker your Nerubian Egg

So now let’s discuss Tracking: You’re basically looking to find that desperate feign death late game… or fix your curve on turn 1 by finding the missing piece.

Currently trading games at rank 10.  This deck requires lots of careful planning and demands the same of your opponent.

Like zoo you need to think about minion placement, spawning of tokens, Defender of Argus  positioning, timing of Glaivezooka vs minion drop.  Most importantly is order of deathrattles.  Dropping haunted creeper, then Spawn of N'Zoth  means you get 2 2/2s when your board is cleared or you play feign death… vs two 1/1s with no buffs.  This current build attempts to be sort of a midrange style.  It has some late game with strong minions like Sylvanas Windrunner  / Dr. Boom.  A well timed Infest+Feign Death  is HUGE VALUE!  Loatheb Protects your board and buys you sometime against those pesky Mages and Rogues.

In some games, you’ll have to be careful or you will fill your board and be unable to play crucial cards.

Spiritsinger Umbra serves more as a high priority/taunt minion because most games you are better off playing it on turn 4 or 5 to threaten a turn 6 highmane / sylvanas… oh and don’t forget about Boom Bot 

Honorable mention: [card_link name:”Baron Rivendare” He’s just too slow and you can’t afford to play him on turn 4 if you don’t have a way to activate a deathrattle as well

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