Swarm Egg

Class: Druid - Format: wild - Type: token - Season: season-36 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

First, unless you have the coin, you allways want to start with draggon egg or finley on turn one. Keep lance carrier or mark of the wild along finley, dragon egg or nerubian egg, not alone. If you have the coin, using it to play a two drop on turn one usually is a good option. Haunted creeper and living roots are good to keep along with knife juggler, mark of the lotus or power of the wild. Play haunted creeper before knife juggler unless you're sure the knife juggler would survive. If you already have a good hand, you can keep mark of the lotus, power of the wild or spawn of N'zoth. Don't try to control aggro decks.

This is a variant of egg druid that focusses on deathrattle synergy and swarming the opponent. It is apretty aggressive deck that can win arround turn 5 in optimal conditions. The deathrattle theme allows you to face without worrying about wraths.

I used this deck in wild to get from rank 19 to 12 this far in  the season. It is quite fast, which makes you climb the ladder even sooner.


Allways play haunted creeper and nerubian egg BEFORE spawn of N’zoth so if the other players clean the board with flawestrike or twisting nether, the tokens from the deathrattles will get the bonus from spawn of N’zoth.

With finley, choose paladin, warlock, chaman or hunter in priority to put more pressure on your opponent. Choose warlock if your hand is almost empty, choose paladin or chaman if your board is not full, and choose hunter otherwise or if you think you need some extra damages. If you have too much mana, use finley to play two herop powers in a turn.

Keep your living roots to swarm the board quickly in a turn and combo with another card (knife juggler on turn 3, soul opf the forest turn 5, etc. If you can, avoid to play it on turn one or to use it as a removal.

Be sure you don’t overfill the board or you’ll loose a lot of value from deathrattles.

Card replacements:

Dr Boom: khel thuzad, wobbling runts, onyxia, hogger, N’zoth or any other finisher that spawns minions.

Ragnaros: leeroy jenkins, chromagus, nefarian, anything that can push the final pressure and finish your opponent.

If you search a really budget option, Stormwind Champion can replace both ragnaros and dr boom.

Violet teacher: summoning stone

Finley: runic egg

Lance carrier: dire wolf alpha or anything that pumps eggs.

You cannot replace baron rivendare. It is the key of the deck.

May the force be with you.

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