Secret Miracle Rogue – #36 Legend (vifzor) – Darkmoon Faire

Class: Rogue - Format: phoenix - Type: combo - Season: season-80 - Style: ladder - Meta Deck: Miracle Rogue - Link: Source

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General Mulligans

Mulligan is different depending on if you have the coin or not.

COIN : keep miscreant and jandice (if your hand is good enough)

NO COIN: don't keep miscreant. can keep Edwin or QA only if hand is good enough (you have backstab/prep/shadowstep)

when you have fox you can keep swindle

This is my version of secret rogue. I added a potion of illusion to counter warrior and it works very well. I recommend using potion the same turn you are dropping a QA using prep. This will allow you to continue putting pressure if they can remove your first QA. The mulligan is the same as normal secret rogue.

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