Midrange Fast Druid Deck List Guide – April 2016 (Season 25, Wild)

Class: Druid - Format: wild - Type: midrange - Style: meta-deck

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Deck Import

This deck is likely obsolete due to the Ancient of Lore, Keeper of the Grove, and Force of Nature nerfs. It is going to be kept here as a historical Hearthstone reference!

Fast Druid implies that your gameplan is to get your opponent to 14 as quickly as possible to destroy them with the Force of Nature into Savage Roar combo. Fast Druid also implies that you are running 2 Savage Roar and 2 Force of Nature. If you’re running 1 Force of Nature that generally just means you are playing Midrange Druid.

The deck uses a lot of minions that will stick to the board even after you destroy them. Piloted Shredder, Sludge Belcher, and Dr. Boom are all minions that leave something behind upon death. Shade of Naxxramas is a card not seen in other decks, but is a staple of Druid because of its ability to grow and be buffed by a potential Savage Roar.

The weakness of the deck is poor removal. Swipe is a good AOE, but unless you can pair it with Spell Power it is likely only going to take out a single minion. This is why Druid will run Mind Control Tech because not only does it punish a board of 4 or more minions, it also forces your opponent to play around it.

Midrange Druid Deck List Update – April 2016 (Season 25)

A lot of decks have cut Shade of Naxxramas in favor of Darnassus Aspirant and Mind Control Tech.

Midrange Druid Mulligan Guide and Strategy

Wild Growth, Innervate, and Living Roots are your first priority. If you have one of the ramp options in your opening hand then you can keep something like Piloted Shredder to play on turn two or three depending on what you have. Innervate into Keeper of the Grove is great for taking out early aggression, so keep Keeper against aggro decks. Wrath is also a good option against aggro. Shade of Naxxramas should likely be kept, this is especially the case if you already have Wild Growth or Innervate.

Midrange Fast Druid Tech Cards

Cenarius has seen play in the deck, but that generally revolves around the version without double combo. Mind Control Tech goes in and out of the deck. Harrison Jones is always a consideration to beat those pesky Weapon based classes.

Midrange Druid Card Substitutions (Replacements)

Keep in mind that replacements for cards are rarely ever going to be perfect. It’s usually easiest to try and come close to what the card accomplishes, or double up an already existing card in the deck.

Midrange Druid Combos and Synergies

Innervate and most minions is a great combination. It just provides such a huge swing, that it’s hard for most decks to deal with. Turn 5 Dr. Boom? Yes, please. Innervate also enables a potential Force of Nature into double Savage Roar for a 22 damage combo.

I don’t know that there’s anything left to say about Force of Nature and Savage Roar. It’s a devastating combination that has made many Hearthstone players seethe with rage. These cards can also be used to clear problematic boards, but this should be only used in more dire situations.

Azure Drake is super strong with cards like Swipe and Wrath. Swipe becomes a total board clearer, and Wrath can be used to deal 2-damage and draw a card. It also works with Living Roots to increase it to a 3-damage spell. Just keep in mind that you don’t get an extra minion from Living Roots with +Spell Damage.

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