Marsh Queen vs Hemet

Class: Hunter - Format: mammoth - Type: combo - Season: season-39

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

Fire Fly is always good; gets the quest rolling nicely. Alleycat and Fiery Bat are good if you've got a Scavenging Hyena. Cult Master if you're on the coin as you can drop it on turn 3 and potentially sacrifice 2 to 4 weenies (if you played 2 Alleycats on turn 2 and they didn't die) for card draw.

The biggest problem with this deck is surviving 8 turns to pull off the combo; everything in your early game is disposable to try and get to combo-time with enough health for it to matter.

Midrange Mulligans

If it looks like it might be a Murloc deck, aim for Hungry Crab. Crackling Razormaw can also provide good value with either the crab or by putting poisonous on an Alleycat if there's something unpleasant you'll need to kill fast.

Probably not going to get very far on the ladder – but it is an almost viable Hunter Quest deck.

The basic aim is to get Hemet, Jungle Hunter in your hand before dropping Queen Carnassa on the board ideally with a Tundra Rhino in hand as well.

The ultimate win condition is to complete the quest then drop Hemet to destroy all the trash cards in your deck, then Carnassa to replace them with Carnassa’s Brood Рdrop the Tundra Rhino and Brood tokens; almost infinitely replaceable 3/2 charge creatures and splatter your opponent.

Unfortunately that’s a lot of ifs.

To thin the deck there are a couple of Cult Master and Tracking cards; doesn’t matter if you chuck away a few 1 cost minions, there are plenty of others. Anything to push towards your win condition. Plus 2 Coldlight Oracles – which you could eat with a Hungry Crab if they’ve attacked and are down to 1 health but it’s better to eat an opponent’s Murloc obviously.

Early game is basically sacrificing everything to slow your opponent or maintain board presence; Glacial Shard is useful here, especially if it sets you up to sacrifice a lot of minions into Cult Master on your next turn; Stonehill Defender is good too as it can generate you an extra Taunt creature; I didn’t put the Curator in the deck but he’s not a bad choice if you get him from the Discover mechanic.


The Beast Synergy wasn’t really working so…


  • -2 Crackling Razormaw
  • -2 Scavenging Hyaena
  • -2 Houndmaster
  • -1 Deadly Shot


  • +2 Igneous Elemental
  • +2 Coldight Oracle
  • +2 Stonehill Defender
  • +1 Tol’vir Warden

Next step might be to ditch the Timber Wolves and one of the Hungry Crabs and replace them with 2 Bloodsail Corsairs and Patches… I’ll see how that turns out.

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