Marin, Dragon Tamer

Class: Priest - Format: mammoth - Type: combo - Season: season-46 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

Radiant and cleric are always keeps, just don't throw them away by letting them die immediately. You need their value. 

Dragon soul you should keep on coin, or in a verry slow match . 

Shield is kind of obvious.

Aggro Mulligans

Against aggro you basically always need Duskbroken to win. 

Keep potion against pally, huntard, and rogue.

Honestly, inner fire combo wambo felt weak to any amount of longevity in the game, so I wanted to squeeze some mid-range style cards into the normal fray to maybe offset some already staples to this deck-type.

The most obvious add in my book is the Arcane giant. A single copy means it won’t clunk up your hand, and with Lyra it more than likely won’t cost anything.

Next is Dragon Soul, yet again a nice single slot that can do some heavy carries. Wobbly at first, but once you turn those nonsense ‘shadow visions into shadow visions’ plays into 5/5 dragons, you’ll think different ?

And finally there’s Burg Bully, who’s out to take your girl let me tell you. Slap this bad boy on an empty board turn 5 or just any time during a mirror/mage matchup and prepare to roll in dough. Obvious synergy with the two previous mentioned cards, it’s a no brainer as well.

Marin. Oh Marin. Honestly, two ‘uh-oh’ win conditions in one isn’t too bad. There’s either the Inner Fire with the chest win, or the tempo win with breaking it open. Either way, it felt like a really safe add in a deck so apt to manipulate it. 

Currently at rank 8 with it, piloted since 10. I’ve reached legend once and this most definitely feels like a legendary compilation. 

The only add I can think of is maybe Elise, but then you run the trouble of polluting your shadow vision pool. Either way I don’t have her so please tell me how it works out if you do 🙂

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