Libram of Wisdom Combo

Class: Paladin - Format: wild - Type: combo - Season: season-72 - Style: fun

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Deck Import

Have these cards in hand

Wild Pyromancer x1

Ancient Brewmaster x1

Zola the Gorgen x1

Deathspeaker x2

The Zoraxx x1

Sonetusk Boar x1

Drakkari Enchanter x1

Emperor Thaurissn x1

Equality x1

Baron Rivendare x1

play Thaurissan, than cast Zola’s battlecry on him. 

Next turn play Taurissan again and Drakkari Enchanter. 

After this draw both Libram of Wisdom. 

Play Baron Rivendare, use Deathspeaker, make it immune. Do the same on Pyromancer. Use Youthful Brewmaster to return Deathspeaker to hand. Play Stonetusk, use Deathspeaker to make immune. Play Voraxx. Cast a Libram of Wisdom on it. This will summon a 1/1, which will than have Libram of Wisdom cast on it. Cast Libram on Voraxx again. Now the first plant Voraxx summoned will die, and you will have two copies of Libram of Wisdom in your hand because of Baron Rivendare. Cast one of the Libram of Wisdom on Stonetusk, then they other on Voraxx. Each Libram of Wisdom cast on Voraxx from this point should add two copies of it two your hand. Now you can alternate between casting on Voraxx and Stonetusk and buff Stonetusk theroetically infinitely. Lastly you can hope you did the combo fast enough that the time didn’t run out and hit face with Stonetusk hopefully killing opponent. 

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