K&C Theorycraft “To My Side!” Will it work?

Class: Hunter - Format: mammoth - Type: control - Season: season-45

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General Mulligans

Lesser Emerald Spellstone ASAP so it can get the reductions from the secrets you play.

To My Side! was spoiled the other day, and to everyone’s disappointment. It seemed that the Hunter Epic’s were going to be pretty lame this set. However, can we make this one, which I think is the K&C card with the least amount of stars, work? Can Control Hunter exist? Probably not, but here we go!

In order to commit to To My Side!‘s wicked downside, there are only six creatures in the whole deck, and each one has a unique position. The deck aims to take advantage of the powerful Hunter secrets, along with Professor Putricide and the new Lesser Emerald Spellstone

Stitched Tracker is there to find Barnes, Cloaked Huntress, or maybe even Professor Putricide himself. Since there are only five other minions (including a second tracker), you’ll hopefully be able to find what you need in the moment.

The ideal situation would be to be playing secrets, controlling the board with Kill Command, Explosive Shot, and Deadly Shot so that you can Barnes into a Tundra Rhino and play a Greater Emerald Spellstone all in one turn, putting 14 power on the board.

Now, this isn’t a great swing, but hopefully it can get you in control of the board. With no minions left if your deck (hopefully) it’s finally time to call the beasts

Feel free to leave a comment (perhaps one condemning me for even trying to make To My Side! playable) and thanks for clicking!  

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