Echo’s Dead Man’s Hand Giants Warrior

Class: Warrior - Format: mammoth - Type: fatigue - Season: season-42 - Style: ladder

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So here’s my take on Rage’s or Dog’s Dead Man’s hand Giants deck!

I haven’t made a lot of changes, but tweaked it a bit more to suit my playstyle.

I have to admit i am not fully capable of piloting this deck to it’s full potential, but it’s a lot of fun and i requires a lot of thinking 🙂 (I rope almost every turn haha)

I’m not gonna go in any detail in how to play the deck because as i said ^ i’m wouldn’t be able to teach you much.

Anyways, here are some of the changes i’ve made from the lists that I’ve seen:

The Commanding Shout and Wild Pyromancer combo is just absolutely insane, so i just had to add it  as i thinks it suits this type of deck.

Alley Armorsmith is a card i personally think is a great addition to this deck. Even tho it’s kindof expensive, i’ve gotten a lot of both armor from Armorsmith combos and Battle Rage value from it. 

The goal is to get your Arcane Giants cheap, play Dead Man's Hand while you have them and other valuable cards in hand such as Blood Warriors or the second Dead Man's Hand. When your Arcane Giants are cheap enough you can just play them, damage them and then play Blood Warriors to get them back into your hand. You can then play Dead Man's Hand to get them back into your deck and yeah…. Pretty much infinite giants!

But DO NOT be fooled. This deck is hard as hell to pilot! Very fun tho 🙂



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