Drek’thar’s Attendents

Class: Priest - Format: gryphon - Type: aggro - Season: season-94 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


Stormpike aid station turn three into drek’thar turn 4 will almost always win you the game especially with a nice 1, 2 drop. Don’t be afraid to play aid station with no minions in play if you have a bunch of low cost minions in hand or especially if you have drek in hand. You can occasionally raise dead drek and using raise dead to bring back voidtouch attendant is always worth it. 

Raise dead is best to cast early game but I don’t like to keep it in hand for a draw with the stipulation that I have solid 1 and 2 cost drops. Basically all 1 and 2 drops will be useful in this manner but the choice will be based on who you are against. Defias lepper is useful against pirate warrior, hunter, paladin, and ping mage; cult neophyte is good against any spell heavy decks.

Almost never drop voidtouch attendant turn 1 unless it’s your only 1 drop and you want to proc for twilight deceptor turn 2. Also viable as a play if you have raise dead in hand.

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