Chad OTK Druid (Fall of Ulduar theorycraft)

Class: Druid - Format: wolf - Type: combo - Season: season-114 - Style: theorycraft

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General Mulligans

Keep cards more than usual to avoid drawing Thaddius/Eonar.

E.T.C.’s Band (Sideboard)


Sir Finley, Sea Guide instead of Jailer is a consideration to put Thaddius/Eonar back in the deck and recycle unusable generated spells.

Piloting Instructions

 This is hyper-combo combo deck. Ideally your goal is to, in a single turn, cheat out even-discounting Thaddius, Monstrosity and/or Eonar, the Life-Binder using Nightshade Bud, copy them with Cover Artist, draw your entire deck until you find Ignis, the Eternal Flame, and cheat out the 10-mana weapon (preferably with windfury). The board swing combined with the huge weapon (with attack-boosting spells Rake and Forbidden Fruit) should be enough to blow out any opponent.

The ideal combo rarely happens, but there are many variations of the combo to still put you in a very favorable position. This makes the skill ceiling of this deck incredibly high. Some tips to win with the combo more consistently:

  • Thaddius, Monstrosity swaps parity in deck. He discounts even cards on odd turns, so remember to play Nightshade Bud on an odd-numbered turn (odd-discounting Thaddius does almost nothing for you)
  • Cover Artist should be used on Eonar unless you need to use it on Thaddius to play the Ignis weapon. Use the second Eonar to draw cards and keep your combo alive.
  • Lifebinder’s Gift can be used at critical points mid-combo to discount Nourish and other odd-mana spells so that Thaddius drops them to 0, allowing you to draw more cards and continue the combo. It’s also great to hit Solar Eclipse and Nightshade Bud with discounts so you can combo sooner.
  • ETC is another good card to have in your combo toolkit. Take Celestial Projectionist to reroll Ignis, go ETC-Projectionist-ETC if you have board space, or Forbidden Fruit as a finisher. The Jailer is an important anti-control win condition.
  • Solar Eclipse has many good targets: Nightshade Bud to potentially grab both Thaddius and Eonar, Funnel Cake during your combo turn, Frost Lotus Seedling in the early game, both-effects-combined Lifebinder’s Gift to get a lot of spells and discount Yogg.
  • It is smart to sometimes play Aquatic Form with no mana in order to guarantee not drawing Thaddius/Eonar on your combo turn.
  • Against aggro, the goal becomes much simpler: cheat out Eonar ASAP, copy with cover artist, restore yourself to full health, and remove as much of the opponent’s board as possible to make it hard to remove the Eonars

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  1. Satanicfrog666
    September 19, 2023 at 5:29 am

    Have you considered Contaminated lasher ? With Thaddius on the board with even discounts, it’s a free card that refreshes 4 mana.

    • Funguin19 - Author
      September 19, 2023 at 6:33 am

      I think there’s too much anti-synergy with Nightshade Bud to add it to this list. The best version of this deck may very well contain lasher and no bud though, but it’ll be slightly more control-focused than this due to needing to ramp to 10, and I’m sure there will be steep competition from control decks due to all the strong AoE tools added.