Budget Stealth Aggro Rogue Deck List & Guide (Darkmoon Faire)

Class: Rogue - Format: phoenix - Type: aggro - Style: budget - Meta Deck: Aggro Rogue

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Our budget Stealth Aggro Rogue deck list & guide for the Darkmoon Faire expansion will teach you how to play this budget list. This guide includes Mulligans, Gameplay Strategy, Card Substitutions, and Combos/Synergies!

Introduction to Budget Stealth Aggro Rogue

Aggro Rogue used to be a really good deck last expansion, but it fell out of the meta a bit this time around. While the full build is not terrible, it’s probably somewhere in low Tier 2. That’s simply because there are better Aggro options – other fast decks work better both against Control and in Aggro mirrors.¬†However, one of its main advantages is price. The deck is pretty cheap, with more expensive cards not being THAT important. Just like last time, the only Epic we run is Greyheart Sage. It’s between that or Secret Passage, but especially since the card’s nerf (from 5 to 4 cards), Greyheart sage is clearly the superior choice in this build.

For that reason, budget deck is quite solid – it’s not the best of the budget builds, but it’s definitely in the top half. When it comes to new expansion cards, we run the now auto-include combo of Foxy Fraud and Swindle, both of which are very strong new cards. I also decided to include Wriggling Horror, which is not as optimal as in some other decks, but it gains some extra edge because of the Stealth cards – to buff a minion it first needs to survive, and Stealth minions are more likely to survive.

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Budget Stealth Aggro Rogue Mulligan Guide

Higher Priority (Keep every time)

  • Spymistress / Worgen Infiltrator – Your 1-drops – while Spymistress is obviously a better choice (1 more attack at no downside), you want to open up with a 1-drop, so you keep either of those. If you already have Spymistress, though, you can mulligan Worgen away to look for a better curve.
  • Foxy Fraud – Foxy Fraud has so many synergies in this deck that you just want to keep it. You will nearly always get something to play alongside it, especially on T3.
  • Sneaky Delinquent – Again, it’s a bit worse compared to Spymistress, but it also cycles itself into a second 3/1 Stealth. It’s better than Hero Powering on T2 most of time.

Lower Priority (Keep only if certain conditions are met)

  • Backstab – Keep against high tempo decks with early minions presence – e.g. it’s good against Aggro Demon Hunter and such.
  • Ashtongue Slayer – Keep with a 1-drop Stealth minion – it’s a great T2 follow-up (either a free trade or, more likely, 3/2 that deals 3 damage to the opponent).
  • Swindle – Keep only with Foxy Fraud, it’s a great T2 play, otherwise it’s too slow.
  • Greyheart SageArcane Intellect on a stick is great, but only if you can activate it. Keep it if you already have a Stealth minion in hand.

Budget Stealth Aggro Rogue Play Strategy

Gameplay of Aggro Rogue is really simple – you want to kill your opponent as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Trading? Nah, that’s not your modus operandi – you just hit face as hard as you can. And oh boy, you can hit face pretty hard.

The most important part of your deck are Stealth minions – the reason why they work so well is that your opponent can’t target them until you reveal them. It means that, unless they’re AoE’d down, you will attack with them at least once. For example, Spymistress is 3 damage for 1 mana, which is already decent, but now your opponent also has to clear the 3/1 body. If he can’t – you deal damage again. You also run some Stealth synergies. Ashtongue Slayer lets you deal even more damage – you usually use it as 3 extra face damage, but in faster matchups it’s a way to get a better trade thanks to the immune effect. +3 Attack can also help you trade up let’s say vs a big Taunt. E.g. your opponent drops a 4/6 Taunt and you have Spymistress on the board – Ashtongue works really well.

Then we’ve got a Greyheart Sage. Drawing 2 cards for 3 mana is the baseline, but it also comes with a 3/3 body. You’re putting tempo on the board and drawing cards at the same time, something that rarely happens at such low mana costs. The card has quite a lot of value generation in general, to be honest. On top of Sage, you also have Swindle (drawing 2 for 2 – works really well with Foxy Fraud too) and Wand Thief, generating a Mage spell. You generally want to prioritize burn cards or some cheap, tempo-oriented spells (e.g. Devolving Missiles), but at times picking a big spell like Power of Creation might carry you. Not to mention EVIL Miscreant, which adds Lackeys, which can add even more cards… Yeah, that’s a lot.

But of course, just playing Stealth package is not enough. While our previous Aggro Rogue build was more all-in on the damage, burn etc. this one is – as you can notice – has more staying power thanks to all the card generation / draw. A big part of reason why we run so many is Foxy Fraud. Normally, cards like Swindle or even Miscreant would be a bit too slow in the deck, but Fraud discounts make them much better. Other combo cards also suddenly become way better. For example, while Hooked Scimitar or SI:7 Agent were usually pretty clunky on curve, Foxy Fraud makes them AMAZING. For example, dropping a 3/2, 3/3 and dealing 2 damage for 3 mana – why not? Or playing a 3/2 and equipping a 4/2 weapon – amazing! And you will really need those high tempo swings to survive in the current meta.

And that’s your general game plan – it’s mostly straightforward. Smack your opponent’s face and hope for the best. Try to play as quickly as you can, prioritize tempo, then when you’re starting to run out of cards do one of the plays mentioned above. While the deck doesn’t run THAT much “burn”, you still can deal quite a bit damage from hand. So after you already squeeze in enough minion damage, you can try finishing off your opponent with Eviscerate, Scimitar or maybe even some extra burst damage from Ashtongue.

Future Card Replacements for Stealth Aggro Rogue

Like I’ve said at the beginning, Aggro Rogue doesn’t NEED to run that many Epics and Legendaries. The only other Epic you want is really Secret Passage, which gives you even more “value” – since your curve is low, you can often play at least 2-3 cards from the ones you draw, and that’s like “drawing” 2-3 cards for 1 mana – great! As for the Legendaries, two biggest ones are Edwin VanCleef and Jandice Barov.

Edwin is REALLY amazing with Foxy Fraud – yeah, again, the card has simply so many combos. There are some plays where you can make a 12/12 Edwin on T2, for example (thanks to Shadowstep) – yeah, it might be risky, but if your opponent has no answer (hint: many decks just CAN’T answer it), you won. Jandice is really just a solid mid game play – while it heavily depends on what random 5-drops you get, the average outcome is pretty good and there are some real high-rolls. The fact that you can pick the one that has full health, even a single low-roll won’t be the end of world, you really need two bad cards for it to suck.

Some builds also run Infiltrator Lilian, but she’s not really necessary. Just a solid 4-drop and a good anti-AoE card – even if your board gets AoE’d, she will still summon a 4/2 AND attack immediately. However, she’s not as good vs Aggro because of low health and being quite slow. If you’re looking to play a full deck, definitely don’t craft her or anything.

Here’s an example full build you can work towards:

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