Antonidas Kills the Dinosaurs. [Wild]

Class: Mage - Format: wild - Season: season-37

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Aggro Mulligans

If you come up against a lot of Aggro, you may want to swap out a Polymorph for a Volcanic Potion.

Combo Mulligans

You should be fine against Combo, but if you're worried you should search for Arcanologist or .

If you're against Mage Combo, ensure that: 1. You can kill them with retained fireballs after breaking their Ice Block; and 2. You don't die to their combo.

After playing a standard version of the infinite fireball combo, I started to get pretty annoyed with having to run two copies of Molten Reflection. So here’s my take on a wild version where they are both replaced by a single Echo of Medivh. You still need the same number of cards to perform the combo, but one can be any spell of cost 5 or lower.

To perform the combo, you need: 2xSorcerer's Apprentice, 1xEcho of Medivh, 1xArchmage Antonidas, 1xSpell of cost 5 or less, and of course, 1xTime Warp from your quest.

You play both Apprentices (4 mana), Echo them (2 mana), Play a third Apprentice (2 mana) and Time Warp (2 mana, for a total of 10 mana used this turn). On the extra turn, you play Antonidas (7 mana), the fourth Apprentice (2 mana) and any spell of cost five or lower (0-1 mana, for 10 mana total this turn). 

You will then have infinite fireballs to kill all the dinosaurs. Unless the dinosaurs have Ice Block.

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