Odd Warrior is one of the archetypes that came along in The Witchwood. Running Baku the Mooneater gives you the upgraded Tank Up hero power that allows you to gain 4 armor. This naturally lends itself to a control based deck which Warrior has been famous for in the past.

The Boomsday Project brought along some Mech synergy to Warrior. Eternium Rover is a solid 1-drop, but the main event is Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. It seems like Blizzard is going to keep going with the one hero card per expansion theme, and Warrior was the lucky benefactor this time. It’s a solid card, and gives all of your mechs Rush for the rest of the game. The hero power is RNG based, but there’s a lot of good options available to you.

Check out an in-depth look at this deck type with mulligans and play strategy via our Odd Warrior Deck Guide!

Latest Odd Warrior Deck Lists

Deck Class Arcane Dust Updated Score

Silas Odd Warrior – #68 Legend (Simo1771) – Wild S81

Format: wild - Season: season-81 - Player: Stonekeep
warrior 8,920 4 weeks ago 4

Odd Warrior – #40 Legend (EVILDEVIL) – Wild S82

Format: wild - Season: season-82 - Player: EVILDEVIL
warrior 13,420 1 day ago 0
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