Early in Rise of Shadows, Control Shaman looked quite promising, but in the end it turned out to not be very strong. There’s however a variant of the deck that stood out and gave an alternative to a faster, Murloc playstyle. It’s Big Shaman.

The deck is based on a very old game plan – cheating out big minions early. It can be done thanks to the cards like Eureka! and Muckmorpher. Then, after you do it, you can try keeping them alive through other means – e.g. Ancestral Spirit and Big Bad Voodoo. If your opponent can’t answer, you overwhelm them.

Check out an in-depth look at this deck type with mulligans and play strategy via our Big Shaman Deck Guide!

Latest Big Shaman Deck Lists

Deck Class Arcane Dust Updated Score

Big Shaman – #25 Legend (SheikVII) – Wild S121

Format: wild - Season: season-121 - Player: SheikVII
shaman 8,940 3 weeks ago 1
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