Best Hearthstone Decks for Climbing the Ladder in Season 24!

Season 24 has just begun, and could be the season where we see huge changes to Hearthstone, or we get another season filled with Secret Paladin and Midrange Druid. We will know more on March 9th, when we get the “What’s next for Hearthstone” announcements. Until then, if you’re looking to make your ladder run, you should consider using some of the decks below for your climb to legend!

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Decks to Climb the Ladder: Season 24

Fast Climb

Aggro Zoo is a strong board control deck, that can out value opponents with deathrattle and token minions. Zoo is a great deck to start out with, it teaches the importance of board control, but also board positioning which is an often overlooked aspect of Zoo. With minions like Dire Wolf Alpha and Defender of Argus, how you position your minions each turn will increase or decrease your winrate with the deck.

The death of Hunter might have been a bit premature. NickChipper landed at number 2 on the EU ladder with this Face Hunter. If you’re looking for a quick way to legend, you might want to give your old buddy SMOrc a try.

Aggro Shaman has taken a lot of popularity away from Face Hunter as the premiere face deck. We’ll see if Hunter takes back some of its market share, but it’s hard to argue with the success of this Shaman list.

The Best Decks

These are flat out the best decks right now. They aren’t the fastest climbers, but they are the most well-rounded and have the best matchups against the field.

Not much left to say about one of the most hated decks in the game. It’s super strong in all areas, and doesn’t have a terrible match up against any other popular deck.

The double combo Druid deck has been around since Season 1. It is still one of the strongest decks in the game, and time will tell how badly it will be nerfed with Standard on the way.

You won’t see it a lot on the ladder, but Patron Warrior is still a very strong deck despite being nerfed previously. It has a decent matchup against Secret Paladin, and can take down the popular Midrange Druid deck. It also eats most of the other popular aggro decks for breakfast. The problem with Patron is that it can be a bit more difficult to play, so I think most players steer clear of it.

Control Your Way to the Top

These are the premiere control decks, they are very strong decks, but the games can be a bit drawn out and it can be a slow grind to legend.

Freeze Mage does a great job at stopping aggro and Secret Paladin, but it also gets absolutely destroyed by most Warrior decks. The deck can also be difficult to play, so if you are just starting in Hearthstone you might want to try a different deck.

Control Warrior is still a top tier deck, and has been around as long as Midrange Druid. We’ll see if it still survives when Standard comes around, and Death's Bite is a thing of the past.

Reno Jackson has been experimented with in every class, but it has only really stuck in Warlock. The deck has pretty much replaced Handlock as the premiere control deck for Warlock.

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