Tavern Brawl An Evil Exchange

This week’s Tavern Brawl is An Evil Exchange! You get to play as either Rafaam or Kel’Thuzad. Rafaam starts with 60-health and has Staff, First Piece Hero Power. You can upgrade this with the card Uncover Staff Piece which increases the power of it. Kel’Thuzad starts with 30-health and 30-armor. You get the Hero Power Necromancy, which draws you a card from the Naxxramas adventure.

Update: 9/6/17

All information is based on the previous versions of the Brawl. I’m going to play it a bit and see if there’s any differences and I will update this post with them!

An Evil Exchange Updates

So there are changes to this Tavern Brawl from the original. It looks like Rafaam’s Hero Power now gives random cards based on rarity starting with Rare. You can upgrade this with Uncover Staff Piece cards up to Legendary. Kel’thuzad’s new Hero Power will draw you a random minion from Naxxramas to your hand (it costs (3) less).

Official Description for Tavern Brawl An Evil Exchange

Kel’Thuzad and Rafaam are competing to see who the superior endboss is! Take a side and battle for evil supremacy!


Rafaam’s Deck Cards




Kel’Thuzad’s Cards

Darkness Calls has the possibility of summoning two of these boss cards (these cards also appear in your deck):

Other Cards



Tavern Brawl An Evil Exchange Chalkboard


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