Sparkz’ – Aggro TTK Mech Mage (Season 37, Wild)


The Deck's Sales Pitch

“Umm, but with Time Warp
“Yes with Time Warp!
“That’s a lot of tempo sacrificed isn’t it?”
“Only a little… 

        -As I was saying… The goal here is to provide a beefing to the old school aggro/tempo mech-mage classic. This time with a feisty Time Warp win condition, dealing some possibilities of 16, 20, or 32+ damage. Not only does our Time Warp work with the beautiful Mimiron's Head, but if you are already close enough to lethal with your mechs, you can sneak in another round of attacks technically doubling your damage output. This deck isn’t slow and neither is this guide (still detailed though), so lets get into the TTK, the card choices, possible substitutions, and theoretical play.

The Ways of The Kill

 TTK execution

        Step 1: Have 2 mechs on board, but if not, play Target Dummy as needed.
        Step 2: Play Mimiron's Head then Time Warp.
        Step 3: Swap attack and health of V-07-TR-0N using Reversing Switch
        Step 4: Smack in face 4 times using mega-windfury.
        Step 5: Find another game.

        The most interesting thing I have come across while planning and theorizing this deck repeatedly is how the integration of the aggro means you have a lot of variation in how you deal your final blow. You might not need to play a reversing switch to get lethal, maybe all you need is the flat 16 damage, or if you need some more use whirling blades to reach 20. You can of course go higher by using armor plating before using reversing switch. 

        This might seem simple and basic but I used to play Malygos Shaman / Rogue with all the damage spells sometimes you miss a lethal that was right in-front of you. Same thing applies for Time Warp don’t just consider Time Warp off limits because you can’t perform what would be an OTK. You might have picked up some fireballs off of Babbling Book or Primordial Glyph and all you might need is another turn to play those to win, and Time Warp would let you take that extra turn. 

Card Choices

The 3 Drop Trio 

        This trio brings us 3 totally different cards each for 3 totally different reasons. These 3 cards are the most flexible in the entire deck, but definitely needed, you can change whatever combination of 3 that works best for you and the “meta of the day”.  This deck guide has all three for demonstration purposes. I personally like 2x Coldlight and 1x Harvest, as it draws out the TTK sooner rather than later.

Coldlight Oracle

        Coldlight Oracle has been used for a lot of different purposes, with the most famous being Mill Rogue, in this deck we run Coldlight as away to draw cards but put another body on the board. The side effect of Coldlight being an Arcane Intellect with a 2/2 body attached is it draws your opponent cards. In the scheme of things it’s not terrible, but if your opponent draws to terrible cards it helps put those draws out of the way for them. The reason he is so important to us though is if you run 2x Coldlight then you can draw 8 cards per game (including Arcane Intellect in math) which is pretty impressive for an aggressive deck. Since we are running 2x Target Dummy it hurts the pressure of normal Aggro Mech mage. Normal mech mage would probably have 2xCogmaster in Dummy’s place. Cogmaster is essentially the un-nerfed Small Time Buccaneer of Goblins and Gnomes. Coldlight lets us hopefully draw past Target Dummy. If you want to play 2xColdlight I suggest dropping Flamewaker.


        Flamewaker… Oh my… Perhaps most deadly when combo-ed with arcane missiles and any other burst of spells you can play. In this deck he works along the same lines as Gazlowe providing extra bonuses and value from playing our spare-parts. We didn’t want to not play him as he can be a valuable turn 3 drop against aggro decks. Didn’t want to play 2 as not sticky enough against control decks. Only eats our cards, and never draws so we needed the Coldlight Oracle to draw us. Those of you feeling the tempo and want to run 2 Flamewakers I suggest dropping 1 Harvest Golem and 1 Goblin Blastmage, and then adding 1 Coldlight and your Flamewaker. The reason for dropping blastmage is because you are less likely to have a mech on the field with no Harvest Golem.

Harvest Golem

        Harvest Golem is definitely the least aggressive of the 3, but that’s not his point. He works wonders at setting up our 4 drops, Goblin Blastmage and Gorillabot A-3, or even Tinkertown Technician if we don’t have a 4 drop available. Tinkertown will theoretically be a 4/4 on turn 4 giving it a solid 4 drop value. If you are wanting to play 2 Harvest Golems drop the Flamewaker and pick up the Harvest Golem. That will be a solid enough trade because you will be able to get more consistent value out of cards that interact with your mechs. Read below for information on which Mech interaction card to prioritize playing. 



        Since there are only 3 other real decks on this site that use Gazlowe, and all 3 of them being pro decks. I think I should go over why I chose Gazlowe for this deck. The reason is rather obvious, we have a possible total of 11 one cost spells in the deck; 8 of the one cost spells belong as spare-parts and 3 from Rhonin. We can gain more from Babbling Book and Primordial Glyph but its pretty unlikely. I am not if you were to cast an orginally 3 mana mage spell from Primordial Glyph if it would count as a 1-mana or a 3 mana. This is because it says “reduce its Cost by (2)”, and this to me means that the reduction actually affects the card itself and not how you play it. To toy with the idea we’ll say that you can manage to pick up an extra 4 cards off of Babbler and Glyph, we now have reached a grand total of 15 1 cost spells in a single game. In the dream scenario you get to go Gazlowe into 3 Arcane Missiles dishing 9 damage and then a Finicky Cloakfield to allow for another round of spells. We also get 4 new mech threats right back into our hand. That probably won’t happen too often so even casting 2 spells after dropping Gazlowe can be nice. The mech’s that Gazlowe gives are the real reason we play him, instead of drawing out with Gadgetzan Auctioneer, if you need a substitution for Gazlowe play Aunctioneer and play a more control style with your mechs so you can draw out your TTK cards with Auctioneer. The most important thing to note with the control mech style are is even though you don’t have a lot of the non-mech minions, trade them in before you trade in your mechs as you will like having the mech synergies, also if you have already shown the mech synergies people will target your mechs on their own.


Who do I prioritize?

        Between Tinkertown Technician, Goblin Blastmage, and Gorillabot A-3 you may be asking yourself which one you want to play first. Similar to the 3-drop trio the following 3 sections will explain which one would be the best for the scenario. 

Tinkertown technician

        Remember for this section we are classifying Tinkkertown as a 4 drop. If you can can play him on turn 3, with his ability, do it, every, single, time. He out classes our other 3 drops on turn 3 by a mile when his ability activates. In consideration with the 4 cost mech interaction cards he comes in second place when in the general scenario with not much going on. To be continued.



4/18: Replaced cards based on comments from Sternish
            -1 Flamestrike +1 Rhonin (debated Cabalist Tome but it’s to slow for this deck) 
            -2 Duplicate +1 Coldlight Oracle, +1 Flamewaker
            -1 Crazed Alchemist +1 Harvest Golem 
4/19: Started the “3 Drop Trio” section, by adding Coldlight’s description. 

4/20: Added Flamewaker, Harvest Golem, and Gazlowe descriptions.


I plan to go very in depth with how this deck would work over the next few days. Until then… can you find the TTK hidden in this deck?

For those of you who have found the TTK, and are thinking about substitutions. Toshley Is like an Aya Blackpaw of a Jade Druid deck.

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Dust Cost: 10,120
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