What Does Your Favorite Hearthstone Class Say About You?

There are many different ways to enjoy Hearthstone and the power levels of your favorite decks and archetypes will ebb and flow over time, but there is one thing most players stick with throughout their time with the game: their favorite class. With ten different flavors to choose from in modern Hearthstone, there is a lot your preferences can tell about your personality and playstyle.

Demon Hunter

Oh, how edgy! The new and powerful stuff, the often-hated outsider, filled with VENGEANCE and non-stop attacks. Is that a My Chemical Romance poster on your wall? Sorry, I didn’t quite see it among all the black draperies. You definitely have a notebook full of poems in the drawer and you may or may not have carved your initials into the desk. You still cherish the memories of those magical 24 hours after DH’s release and still keep chasing that high.


Highrolls and harmonies are what you’re all about. There was nothing like ramping straight into an awesome card like Wildheart Guff before vaulting over to another high-mana powerhouse. You’re a dancer at heart, relying on delicate momentum and incredible payoffs for your hard work. Neither the brutality of direct aggression nor the slowpoke nature of removal spells appeals to you. Your bookshelf is full of New Age literature, everything is a nice shade of green and there’s definitely a lava lamp or two around the place as well. The quiet noise of the windchimes goes well with the “A natural mistake.” emotes you keep spamming after your opponent misplays.


Some might say you’re a simple individual, but in reality, you’re just direct. You don’t have the patience or the time to mess around. You are experienced enough to know that you can simply just cut to the chase. Why deal with pointless nuances for twenty turns if you can just go for the jugular from the start and get things done by seven? SMOrc is about so much more than going face all the time: your suit is buttoned up, you’ve got deals to make, time is money and niceties are for fools.


Your favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla, as long as it has rainbow sprinkles on top of it. You are the Hearthstone developers’ favorite child and you get all the goodies. From mini-set Legendaries to golden heroes and bombastic animations, you appreciate all the shiny toys. No, please, do tell me about that incredibly awesome roll you got from Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron yesterday. That was generated by a spell. That was generated by a minion. That you randomly got off something else.


I see you. No, not the façade of nobility, not the ideas of honor and the Light, none of that stuff. You’re Leeroy Jenkins. You just want to make big beefy minions with big buffs and charge into the fray with reckless abandon. Hit things and then hit them some more, get some ludicrous numbers on the board. Time’s up, let’s do this! I know. Yeah, yeah, let’s pretend that it’s for the Light.


You must be fun at parties. Except for the fact that you are never invited to one. You are a nihilist at heart, looking to suck out all enjoyment from a Hearthstone game – one with an abundance mindset, someone who’s looking to get more and more cards in your hand. Why play a game with 30 cards when you can push upwards to 50, right?


What a swindler you are! Remind me never to play any game of chance against you. A fan of spectacle, you love to use five cards to get two spells’ full value for devastating effect. The best way to get you to do something is to tell you that it is impossible. Rules are for suckers and there is always something awesome just around the corner. Coffee and energy drink are must-haves for a good day and Elite Tauren Chieftain is the best band ever.


You’re here to enjoy the finer nuances of life. As a sommelier of Hearthstone classes, you understand the subtle differences between nature and the elements, a regular and an overloaded mana crystal, Feral Spirit and Saronite Chain Gang. There’s a little bit of everything here, from powerful weapons to great healing spells, powerful AoE and killer tools like Bloodlust. This healthy and balanced diet is exactly what you’re looking for. You know that a spice of randomness is great to get the flavor out but you don’t go overboard with it. Your one wish is that your fellow Hearthstone players could be at least half as civilized as you are. Sadly, that is never going to happen.


You’re a little bit unstable and you love to live on the edge. You’re overly self-critical and you make yourself suffer over and over again, often unnecessarily. A bit of a hoarder, too: you just can’t have enough cards. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about the leftover packs from each expansion that you purposefully left unopened.


You’re definitely the sleepy type. You like to take your time and carefully calculate all possible avenues, exploring potential draw odds for the next three turns before pressing the Armor Up! button. Unlike a Priest fan, you do like to hit stuff, so you are occasionally invited to parties and not just as a Xanax replacement. Your favorite color is beige and you drive a minivan.


Luci Kelemen is an avid strategy gamer and writer who has been following Hearthstone ever since its inception. His content has previously appeared on HearthstonePlayers and Tempo/Storm's site.

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