Update on 27.2 Accidental Card Changes – 3 Buffs Will Stay, Other 3 Will Be Removed

In Patch 27.2, Blizzard has buffed A LOT of Wild cards for the upcoming Caverns of Time direct-to-Wild set. However, players have quickly noticed that some of the cards that aren’t on the list also got buffs.

Blizzard has just acknowledged that in a post, saying that the other buffed cards are things they tested, but didn’t make a cut. However, since the response to those buffs was positive, they decided to keep some of the buffed versions in game.

Timber Wolf, Jinyu Waterspeaker and Firelands Portal buffs will stay in game. On the other hand, Dragon's Breath, Swipe and Glaivezooka buffs will get removed from the g same in Patch 27.2.2. More info about 27.2.2 should drop soon.

The last update also had some Signature Cards that weren’t supposed to be in game yet- Acolyte of Pain and N'Zoth's First Mate. They will be taken out of the game in Patch 27.4, but might return in a future update.

You can find the official post below:

Hey all,

As you know, last week we launched Patch 27.2, a massive patch that included Battlegrounds Season 5, over 100 balance changes, and the Caverns of Time expansion (launching soon!). Unfortunately, with a patch that large, a few things slipped through the cracks.

Some of you have noticed that there were a few Hearthstone balance changes that weren’t announced before the patch went live. These changes were things we tested for the patch, but had decided not to ship—or, at least, we didn’t mean to ship.

We’ve seen your excitement about these surprise changes and we’ve decided that some of them would be fine to keep in the game. Of the six cards that slipped through the cracks, we’ll be letting three of them keep their newfound buffs: Timber Wolf, Jinyu Waterspeaker, and Firelands Portal.

On the other hand, we don’t think it’s the right time to make the changes to Dragon’s Breath, Swipe, or Glaivezooka, so we’ll be pulling those changes back out in Patch 27.2.2. We’ll keep an eye on how the meta develops and we might add these in a later update.

The patch also included two Signature cards that weren’t ready to be revealed. We’ll be pulling N’Zoth’s First Mate and Acolyte of Pain out of the client in our next major patch, Patch 27.4. They may return in a future update.

We’ll have more information about Patch 27.2.2’s other bug fixes and adjustments soon. Until then, we’ll see you in the Tavern!



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