Upcoming Hearthstone Twist Format For October Is “Wonders XL”

While the current Twist season is still mid-way, we have actually learned what the next one is going to look like.

The second Twist season (October 2023) is going to be… “Wonders XL”. Keen of you might have noticed that the current one is called “Wonders”, so what’s up with that? Well, the new season is going to be quite similar to the current one. It will contain exactly the same sets, but with an extra rule. Players will be able to put anywhere between 30 and 40 cards in their deck, and they will start with that much Health. So, for example, you can decide to play 34 cards and start at 34 HP. Or maybe you want to go for pre-nerf Prince Renathal and go for 40 cards + 40 HP.

It’s an interesting new rule, although I don’t think it’s going to impact the meta that much. Current best-performing decks should stay on the top. What I’m hoping for, however, is a balance update, and I hope that we’ll get it soon. Wonders format clearly has potential and it’s quite fun to play, but the fact that realistically only four decks are really viable (everything else is Tier 3 or lower) ruins it. If we had more diversity, it would be a really cool format.

The source for this news is a GameSpot article about the mini-set, but I confirmed it with Blizzard – it wasn’t a leak or a mistake, GameSpot (together with a few other websites) got it as a part of a press announcement kit. I expect an official announcement to happen soon (maybe in patch notes).


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