Unstable Evolution Will Get Changed from “Repeatable This Turn” to “Echo”, It Will Get a Full Dust Refund

Gallon, Hearthstone’s Associate Game Designer, has just announced on Twitter that there’s a change coming to one of the older cards. Unstable Evolution will be changed from “Repeatable this turn” to “Echo”. If we discount any synergies, the functionality will be exactly the same. However, the biggest difference is that Echo cards can’t be reduced below 1 mana.

The reason for those changes is one of the new cards introduced in Voyage to the Sunken City – Radiance of Azshara. The card would allow Shamana to consistently reduce it to 0 mana and thus perform some pretty crazy combos early in the game (like filling the entire board with 10-cost minions). The change might also hint at Unstable Evolution coming back to Core Set, because sometimes they tend to let those overpowered combos slip in Wild – but that’s just a guess and it might be the fact that it would be even more overpowered than we can imagine in the eternal format.

Because this is technically a nerf, Blizzard will offer full Dust refunds for Unstable Evolution in case you want to disenchant it. The wording will get updated in a follow-up patch.



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