New Hearthstone Expansion Teaser (April 2023) – Elite Tauren Chieftain?

A teaser for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion has just dropped. Luckily, we already know we won’t have to wait long to find out what it’s all about, because the announcement date was already revealed last week – full reveal is coming tomorrow! But still, the teaser we got today kind of gives away the expansion’s general theme, if it’s not a misdirection, of course.

In the short clip (which, to be honest, gives me really low-budget vibes), we see an Orc (judging by the green hand) going through the door onto what is implied to be a stage, with a crowd shouting, lights flashing and electric guitar playing in the background.

Obviously, we can’t be sure that it’s Elite Tauren Chieftain, but it makes the most sense. It’s the famous World of Warcraft rock/metal band, which kind of existed in real life too. It consisted of Blizzard employees who played at big events like Blizzcon. In WoW, they had their own characters and you could go see them in a few different places in-game, depending on the expansion. The band’s vocalist (Samuro, but do not confuse with Blademaster Samuro) is an Orc so that part of the teaser also makes sense.

Alternatively, they could have created a new “rock/metal band” just for Hearthstone, but that seems much less likely than ETC.

Check out the teaser here:

And to give some more context, here are some of the ETC songs. I loved listening to them back in the day when I played WoW.


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