Iksar Has Shared The Five Best Decks (Archetypes) in Standard Right Now

A few hours ago, Hearthstone Lead Designer Dean “Iksar” Ayala has shared some interesting data.

He posted the five best performing Hearthstone decks in Standard right now. The data is from Top 1% of the players, between July 7 and July 12. The best decks are:

Iksar has used slightly different deck names, but this is how we (and most of the players) are calling them so we’ve updated the names.

Keep in mind that the stats come from Top 1% of the playerbase. While we don’t have precise stats, I’d make a guess that in the new ranking system, top 1% is roughly equal to Legend. Since it only takes Legend players into account (and maybe some high Diamond ones at most), meta might be quite different in lower ranks. What’s worth noting is that those stats also probably include so-called “dumpster Legend”, low Legend players that don’t really care and often play off-meta / bad decks, which might skew the WR of some of the archetypes. The stats would require some further filtering to get “real” best decks, but what we have here should still be quite close to reality.

Hunter being #1 is not surprising. After all, just a few weeks ago, Blizzard has shared an image with the best Standard cards and they were all Hunter cards (technically 2 of them were dual-class, but still). That said, the thing I’m surprised about most is the lack of Shaman. Elemental Build is very popular at all ranks and frankly really strong, from my personal experience I’d definitely put it in Top 3. Similarly, if it only takes Legend into account, at first I expected Priest to be there. But the truth is that the deck only gets “problematic” in higher Legend ranks (like Top 500), not in Legend as a whole.

Do what you want with those statistics, but it’s nice to have some official sources!


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