Face Hunter is one of Hearthstone’s oldest aggressive archetypes. Back when Leper Gnome, Arcane Golem, and Leeroy Jenkins were full strength it was able to do a ton of damage very early in the game. The archetype saw some hard times after the nerfs to these key cards.

Kobolds and Catacombs has brought this deck back to the high tiers. Candleshot gives this deck the ability to rush out Southsea Deckhand for early damage, while Dire Mole is a great early target for your beast buffs. Corridor Creeper powers your mid-game swing due to all of the small minions that will likely die in the early game. Creeper also has the beast tag which makes it a great target for Crackling Razormaw and Houndmaster.

Check out our Face Hunter Deck List Guide to learn how to play this popular archetype.

What are Face Hunter’s Best Matchups?

Here are the currently popular archetypes that Face Hunter has a strong matchup against!

Secret Mage, Big Priest, Murloc Paladin, Zoo WarlockJade DruidExodia Mage, Spell Hunter, Exodia MagePirate Warrior, and Big Druid.

What Beats Face Hunter?

These are the popular deck archetypes that have a good matchup against Face Hunter.

Control Demon Warlock, Tempo Rogue, Aggro Paladin, Murloc Paladin, and Aggro Token Druid.

Latest Face Hunter Deck Lists

Deck Class Arcane Dust Updated Score

Aggro Hunter – Saviors of Uldum – Yama10

Format: Dragon - Season: 65 - Player: Stonekeep
hunter 1,040 2 months ago 15

Face Hunter – Shadows HoF – #91 Legend (Viper)

Format: Dragon - Season: 64 - Player: Viper
hunter 5,720 3 months ago 21

Ant’s Post-Nerf Face Hunter (February 2018)

Format: Mammoth - Season: 47 - Player: Ant
hunter 1,640 2 years ago 51

Orange’s Face Hunter – Hearthstone World Championship 2017

Format: Mammoth - Season: 46 - Player: Orange
hunter 6,480 2 years ago 55

Senfglas #1 Legend Face Hunter (January 2018)

Format: Mammoth - Season: 46 - Player: Senfglas
hunter 6,280 2 years ago 39

Mariana’s #1 Legend Kobolds Aggro Face Hunter

Format: Mammoth - Season: 45
hunter 5,760 2 years ago 43

Reynad’s Kobolds Face Hunter ft. Candleshot, Dire Mole

Format: Mammoth - Season: 45 - Player: Reynad
hunter 5,640 2 years ago 20

Roast’s Deathstalker Rexxar Face Hunter – #6 Legend (September 2017)

Format: Mammoth - Season: 42
hunter 5,140 2 years ago 36

Face Hunter Deck List Guide (Post Nerf) – Kobolds – February 2018

Format: Mammoth - Player: Roffle
hunter 1,640 2 years ago 188

Czech Republic’s HGG 1st Place Face Hunter – Season 1

Format: Mammoth - Season: 41 - Player: StanCifka
hunter 2,000 2 years ago 9
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