Hearthstone Patch 24.4 (The Maw and Disorder Mini-Set) Is Now Live on PC! (Update: And Mobile)

Hearthstone’s latest Patch 24.4 just went live on PC. Just like with every bigger patch, mobile release might take a while longer – usually it’s up to a few hours after the PC release. I’ll update this post once the patch is live on Android and iOS. Update: The patch is now live on Android and iOS devices! Enjoy!

It’s a major update, with new features for all game modes (although this particular patch mainly focused on Constructed and Duels). Here’s a patch summary:

  • The Maw and Disorder – Castle Nathria’s mini-set is releasing with 35 new cards. You will be able to buy it for 2000 Gold or 1500 Runestones (alternatively, you can buy a Golden version for 7000 Runestones, or $70).
  • Battlegrounds Updates – Sylvanas Windrunner Hero is making a return with remade Hero Power. We’re also getting some Quest changes and Legendary Board cosmetics.
  • Mercenaries Updates – It’s a huge patch for Mercenaries game mode, with 14 new Mercs releasing, some changes to the older ones, new keyword (Charge), and new Bounty Zone.
  • Duels Updates – Mini-set is getting added to the pool, Sire Denathrius removed from all card buckets alongside some other adjustments to card buckets.
  • Arena Update – A new Arena rotation is starting when the patch releases. The rotation includes Core, Blackrock Mountain, Kobolds & Catacombs, Ashes of Outland, Journey to Un’goro, Rise of Shadows, and Murder at Castle Nathria (+Maw and Disorder Mini-Set).
  • Early Progression & Milestone Updates – Players who are in Apprentice ranks (“new players ranks”) as well as those with particularly low MMR may now face AI opponents instead of players to have a more fun experience learning the game. It will not have any impact on higher ranks including Legend. Once your internal MMR gets a bit higher you will start facing real players once more. Additionally, “milestone” decks will be available in the shop – when you reach a given rank in October, you will be offered extra items in the shop, including Battle-Ready decks for your most played classes.
  • Bug Fixes & Game Improvements – Just like every major patch, it 24.4 will include a tons of bug fixes and small QoL improvements.

If you’re interested in full patch notes, you can find them here.


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