Hearthstone Mercenaries Village Guide – What Each Building Does, How Much They Cost And Which Ones You Should Upgrade First (Updated)

This guide was first written at Mercenaries launch when we didn’t know much about the game mode yet – we’ve just updated it with all the recent knowledge.

The Village is your home in Hearthstone Mercenaries. It includes everything you need to play the mode: your Mercenary collection (Tavern), PvE (Travel Point) and PvP (Fighting Pit) battles, daily quests (Campfire tasks), pack opening, and real-money shop (real money not necessarily needed to play the mode!).

When you first enter the Village in the tutorial, it only includes the Workshop, but you have to build your Tavern and Campfire to progress. You will use the Workshop to build the other structures, starting with Travel Point that gives you access to PvE bounties. The Merchant Cart, Mercenaries Packs, and Mailbox are also soon available as you start to play the game.

However, some Village buildings and upgrades cost Gold. Yes, that’s the same Gold that you use to buy card packs for constructed Hearthstone!

Currently, there are 900 Gold worth of upgrades for the Village:

  • Fighting Pit (PvP access) costs 100 Gold.
  • Travel Point upgrade to unlock Heroic difficulty for PvE bounties costs 200 Gold.
  • Campfire upgrade to add an extra task slot costs 200 Gold.
  • The second Campfire upgrade to add yet another task slot costs 400 Gold.

To fully play Mercenaries, you want all of these upgrades.

  • Heroic difficulty (Travel Point) is needed to progress through task seven of each Mercenary, so you cannot unlock all equipment and get to the tasks that reward packs without it.
  • Task slots (Campfire) increase the number of daily tasks you get, and they are also important for task farming. You can get by with just two, but it will make your progress slower as you get fewer daily tasks and can easily run out of space while grinding tasks.
  • PvP (Fighting Pit) gives good rewards and is generally the end game. You can skip Fighting Pit if you really don’t want to PvP though.

It’s also very likely that the village will expand in a future update, adding more buildings that you need to spend Gold on. But for now, that’s it for the overview – let’s go through each building and explain what it does:


The Workshop is the most basic structure in your village and the only one you start with. It’s where you build and upgrade all the other buildings in your Village.


The Tavern is your Mercenary collection. You can browse through your collection of Mercenaries in the Tavern and set their cosmetics and upgrade their abilities and equipment. If you want to read more about ability and equipment upgrades and their cost, head to this post. You can also craft Mercenaries that you are missing with Mercenary Coins. The crafting cost of Mercenaries is 100 Coins for a Rare, 300 Coins for an Epic, and 500 Coins for a Legendary Mercenary. Each Mercenary has its own Coins that are used to craft them and upgrade their abilities.

The Tavern is also where you build your parties. Every time you start a bounty or a PvP fight, you choose a party of Mercenaries for the job, and you manage those parties in the Tavern. Mercenary parties are like your Hearthstone decks: you build synergistic groups that you like and then take whichever one you feel is the best for any given mission.

Travel Point

The Travel Point is your gateway to Hearthstone Mercenaries PvE content. You choose a zone and then a bounty from within that zone, and you’re off to adventure! There are various levels of bounties available, and you unlock more difficult bounties as you complete the easier ones.

Each bounty includes a fixed boss and a procedurally generated series of fights to get to it, so you can replay the same bounties multiple times without them feeling too much of the same. For each bounty, some of the rewards come from a pool of specific Mercenary Coins, so if you want to craft a particular Mercenary, you may want to grind the bounties that more commonly reward Coins for it. Task farming gives you faster overall progress though if you do not need a specific Mercenary right now.

The Travel Point can be upgraded to unlock Heroic bounties for 200 Gold. You cannot complete your Mercenaries’ task chains and get all of their equipment without access to Heroic mode.

A separate Bounty Guide with more details will be released soon!

Fighting Pit

The Fighting Pit is your path to Mercenaries PvP combat.

Mercenaries mode has the most advanced matchmaking system in Hearthstone, and it takes into account the strength of your party and even has a chance to pit you up against an AI team if it cannot find a suitable opponent. Therefore, you can safely enter PvP combat with any party regardless of their level. Note that the protections are weaker for max-level parties, so taking a full party of brand-new level 30 Mercenaries to PvP can be harder than entering with a party that you are still leveling.

Unlike in PvE bounties, you cannot see the abilities your opponent is planning to use in PvP combat, so the gameplay is slightly different.

Mercenaries PvP combat offers achievements, rewards, and a leaderboard.

The Fighting Pit costs 100 Gold to build. You cannot access PvP battles until you unlock the Fighting Pit.

You can find more information on PvP in our Mercenaries PvP guide!

Merchant Cart

The Merchant Cart takes you to a Mercenaries-specific part of the in-game shop. Mercenaries Packs are available for 100 Gold each, and there are also various offers you can buy for real money, including offers that are personalized to you based on your gameplay and spending patterns.


The Mailbox delivers information related to Mercenaries – you will learn about events, updates, and offers here.


The Campfire is your task board (quest log). When you start playing, your introductory tasks are accessed from the Campfire.

The Campfire provides you with daily tasks. You will always get one “general” task each day that is not related to any of your Mercenaries. On top of that, you will obtain a number of additional tasks that are Mercenary-specific chains. You will only get those from Mercenaries you already have, so after you complete all the chains you will be left with the regular daily task only – until you get more Mercs, that is! The overall reward for completing a Mercenary’s 18-part task chain is 3 Mercenaries Packs (from tasks 16-18) and 1500 Mercenary Coins, plus full equipment for that Mercenary.

Your Campfire starts with two task slots for Mercenary tasks. You can upgrade it to three task slots for 200 Gold and to four task slots for 400 Gold. Upgrading your Campfire can be extremely useful to get more tasks and therefore more progress every day! You get your new daily quests every day at midnight in your region (PST for Americas, CET for Europe, and UTC+6 for Asia).

You can find additional Mercenary tasks from the Mystery encounters in bounties. Players often farm these encounters to complete more tasks per day.

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  1. TheSmartestPL
    October 14, 2021 at 6:51 am

    I enyojed the article but one thing seems contradictory to my experience. “Sometimes when progressing through the Bounties (PvE missions), you will get special events that add extra tasks to your board, on top of all the ones you get daily. But it’s more like a nice bonus and not something you can rely on to fill your task board all the time”. If you play more and focus on these special events, you can reliably get more tasks than the daily assignment can provide. I think that it is overall a good strategy to target the events as it can really boost the speed at which you obtain items and coins.

  2. 2asandab
    October 12, 2021 at 8:33 am

    Ah ye Olde mailbox and useless feature included in so many games. Glad blizzard is keeping the tradition alive.

    Excited for the new mode.

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      October 12, 2021 at 9:07 am

      I actually think that HS should have this “mailbox” thing in the main menu. Right now you need to look stuff like patch notes, announcements, event info etc. up online – it would be nice for every player to have access to them one click away in the main menu.

      Add a little extra touch like being able to send pack gifts to your friends (with limits, of course, so you don’t create 10 new accounts and send yourself gifts :D) and it would be really cool addition.