How-to Beat Zul’jin Guide – Rumble Run – Tips & Tricks, Shrines, Decks, Teammates

Zul’jin is one of the nine bosses you will face in the Rumble Run! Learn some tips and tricks on how-to defeat him, a list of his shrines, and the cards he’ll be using to try and take you down!

How Rumble Run Bosses Work

In the Rumble Run, you will face eight different bosses out of a total of nine. Why is it eight? Because once you pick a shrine, you will not fight against that team/class. So, if you pick a Shaman Shrine, you will not face off against the leader of the Krag’wa’s Frogs, Zentimo.

These bosses will be thrown at you at random. Each time you play, you will face a different order of bosses. That means the difficulty of each boss varies depending on what position you face them. If you fight them early on in the Rumble, they will be a lot easier than they would be if you faced them last.


Zul’jin is the leader of the Hunter team called Halazzi’s Lynxes.

The Fast and the Ferocious. They like animals more than people, and it shows in their strategy. The Lynxes pride themselves on clever mystical tactics and bestial fury.

Zul’jin’s Shrines

Each time you face Zul’jin he will be using one of the following Shrines. These are the same Shrines you will get the option of using when you start up a new run.

Zul’jin’s Shrines
  • Halazzi's Guise: Whenever you summon a Beast, it gains Rush, Taunt, or Poisonous.
  • Halazzi's Hunt: Your minions have “Overkill: Cards in your hand cost (1) less.”
  • Halazzi's Trap: After you cast a spell, put a random Hunter Secret into the battlefield.

Zul’jin’s Cards

We’ll add more possible cards in the future, but these are some the unique to Rumble Run cards you will be playing against!

How-to Defeat Zul’jin – Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure you adapt your gameplan depending on the Shrine you’re facing! The bosses have different decks for each of them and the included cards greatly synergize with their abilities.
  • Despite what you might assume, none of these decks are minion-free, therefore you shouldn’t expect the sort of shenanigans you encounter in Constructed.
  • The Halazzi's Hunt deck is fairly aggressive, to the point where it runs Leper Gnome!
  • Be patient when you’re facing Eaglehorn Bow against Halazzi's Trap: the AI is unreasonably aggressive with the weapon, routinely exhausting it even when having five secrets up. Let it waste its resources before you engage and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.
  • Try not to overextend against the Halazzi's Guise deck: the classic Unleash the Hounds + Scavenging Hyena combo is even nastier than usual with the Shrine’s guaranteed minion buffs.
  • All of Zul’jin’s shrines have comparatively high health, and with most of its archetypes focusing heavily on board removal, you should keep in mind that you will likely have to spend multiple turns with the special effect up and running at any given time.
  • The Halazzi's Trap deck, as per Hearthstone’s normal rules, can only have five Secrets active at most at the same time. Watch out for Wild secrets! (Dart Trap, Cat Trick, Hidden Cache)


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