Wild Combo Malygos Shaman (Season 38)

Class: Shaman - Format: wild - Type: combo - Season: season-38 - Style: ladder

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Aggro Mulligans

Board clears and cheap removals are key to dealing with Aggro decks.

Midrange Mulligans

Since Midrange decks can act just almost as aggresively as Aggro decks these days I suggest following the same Mulligan strategy as with Aggro decks.

Combo Mulligans

Same as for Control decks.

Control Mulligans

Control decks allow us to take things more slowly. We can drop the board clears and replace them with card draw. The cheap single minion removals are still useful though. Barnes can be kept here, because it increases the probability of succesfully drawing out Malygos from the deck.

Hello everyone!

This deck was mainly aimed at having fun, but ended up doing better than expected. It’s for those of you who, like me, love to pull off those one-turn combo kills. 

The idea of the deck is simple: Save as many damage spells as you can, wait until you can drop Malygos  cost-efficiently using either Barnes or Ancestor's Call and finally blast your opponent away.

The deck has a lot of ways to stay alive: Healing Wave  almost always heals for 14 health, Volcano, Lightning Storm, Hex , Maelstrom Portal, Devolve and Stormcrack  help control the board.  Even though face damage spells should generally be saved for the combo, do not shy back from using them to control the board. There are more of them than you actually need for the combo (note here that when I am talking about the combo I do not mean a specific set of cards, but rather a multitude of possible sets of cards all containing Malygos that can be used to deal a lot of damage to your opponent in one turn). Charged Hammer can also be used to remove a few small minions (make sure though to use it every turn, because you want to get that sweet new hero power as soon as possible).

Cards like Ancestral Knowledge and Far Sight are meant to speed up the process of setting up the combo.

Far Sight and Emperor Thaurissan also help reducing the total cost of the combo.

Ancestral Spirit can be used on either Malygos or Emperor Thaurissan if one turn does not suffice to end the game.


1. If you plan on using your totem hero power and a damage spell in the same turn, make sure to use the hero power before the spell, since the totem might be Wrath of Air Totem . This is especially important for board clears.

2. Devolve is best used when the enemy has a pesky minion with an irritating deathrattle or such or to set up a board clear.

3. Drawing out Emperor Thaurissan with Barnes might not be as good as drawing out Malygos, but it still helps set up the combo. Do not wait with playing Barnes because you hope to draw Emperor Thaurissan first.

4. Don’t forget that Malygos can also be used for another board clear with a little more punch than usual (with f.e. Maelstrom Portal ). Combining this with Ancestor's Call you can imitate a Dirty Rat effect by drawing a minion from your opponent’s hand only to immediately eliminate it.


I put Charged Hammer in the deck, because it’s fun and it helps out with the curve a little. I believe though it can easily be replaced with another card that makes sense in this deck. Maybe another weapon or Elemental Destruction  to add yet another board clear.

If you do not have those specific damage spells listed in the deck list, you can try out using Jade Lightning as a replace for any face/minion damage spell or Tidal Surge as a replace for Stormcrack.

Sadly, all of the 3 legendary cards in this deck are absolutely vital to the deck, as well as Ancestor's Call. I also find Far Sight to be rather important.

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  1. Sparkz
    May 30, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    I always love a fun Malygos deck. I’m gonna have to try this one out some time!