Wild Aggro Paladin

Class: Paladin - Format: Wild - Type: Aggro - Season: 54 - Style: Ladder

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  1. PnutButtrSandwich
    March 22, 2018 at 11:42 am

    Is Loatheb replaceable?

    • Sai
      March 29, 2018 at 2:26 am

      Yes, however it helps a lot. You can switch it with blood knight for example. But then i would suggest to switch maul for hunted creeper

  2. Palalouch
    February 10, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Would you replace creepers now its nerfed? What about patches?

  3. Eric
    January 28, 2018 at 2:52 am

    Good list, but I replaced 1 Lost in the Jungle and 1 Keeper of Uldaman with 2 Spellbreakers and had better results with it. Especially against Cubelock, Big Priest and some other decks using one of those annoying taunt minions.

    • Andrew
      February 5, 2018 at 7:54 pm

      Definitely improves the deck drastically, lets see how the meta updates

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