Silence Priest Wild

Class: Priest - Format: wild - Type: aggro - Season: season-59 - Style: fun

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Use your silencing spells and creatures to silence your minions.

Aim face.

The 2 biggest strengths about this style of play is…

1. Versatility – Your minions and spells that silence can also be used on your opponent’s minions to allow you to hit face.

2. Hard to Counter – These minions aren’t boosted, so they can’t be countered by silences.

3. It’s fairly cheap to craft (The Beast isn’t that important).

Card break down:

Creatures that need silencing: 15

Creatures/spells that silence: 8

Other: 5

Cards to consider adding/removing if you feel needs be:

“Zombie Chow” instead of “Northshire Cleric”

“Shadow Word: Death” instead of “Kabal Songstealer”

“Ironbeak Owl” instead of “Purify”

Cheers, enjoy!

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