Ninjacks’ C’thun Druid

Class: Druid - Format: kraken - Season: season-25

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General Mulligans

Early buffs to C'thun are important so that the cards that require C'thun to have 10 attack can activate as soon as possible.

With C’thun being given free and many of the new druid cards that interact with it being common, this deck should be easily accessible to anyone.

Alextrasza not being nerfed it is a huge 2 turn combo to play her the turn before C’thun, possibly straight out ending your opponents game right there on the spot.

This control-ish midrange-ish kind of deck has lots of taunts and buffs to your C’thun, and lots of high quality, premium stat minions, such as Klaxxi Amber-Weaver, which is basically a yeti (4/5) with potential to become 4/10.

Brann opens many doors to extra buffs and combos.

Hope you enjoy this deck!

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  1. Mihanapipka
    April 26, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    the deck is very taunt centric that is good for druids. but the main problem is you sacrifice the ability druids have to ramp to play strong midrange minions for ancients of war and the likes of it. also the deck has literally no card draw engines. the only way you can draw is wrath which you most likely are going to use as a early game removal. you also sacrifice brann + c’thun combo for the sake of adding alex. this way you can not beat priests who can easily heal to 25+ health and kill alex at the same turn, you can not beat warriors since you have no real ways of dealing huge damage. and last but not the least, why even consider using geomancer? 1/4 taunt is bad. you don’t want to give your c’thun taunt since it 100% clears the board and also is to be removed, since opponent automatically loses a game if he can’t kill it. all in all, too many vanilla taunt minions which geve you nothing really. and no card draw engine, so if your c’thun is at the bottom of your deck you’re going to take game to lategame where you don’t really have good ways to beat strong lategame minions like tirion. basically what i’m trying to say is: your deck has a lot of power in it but a really bad consistency