“Monkey Seeker” Mill Druid

Class: Druid - Format: wild - Type: fatigue - Season: season-25 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

Generally you'll always want to aim for Dancing Swords, Wild Growth and Grove Tender; for the cost the swords are a heavy hitter and getting your opponent to draw another card is an added bonus.

Grove Tender gives you options. You're most likely to want to use it for the card draw but there are occasions, like if you've got an Azure Drake or Druid of the Claw in your hand that the extra mana crystal might be more useful.

If your opponent is a Priest it's worth holding onto a Naturalize if you start with it and, if possible, save it until they've dropped some buffs on a creature.

Aggro Mulligans

Aggro decks will give you the worst time; Grove Tender, Dancing Swords and Wild Growth are still good but you're going to take some punishment early on. The Deathlord can soak some of that up for you until you can drop a Swipe to remove any remaining 2/1 creatures.

AKA How to lose friends and irritate people.

The basic premise of this deck is pretty standard mill – churn through cards as fast as possible; ideally destroying some of your opponents cards by forcing them to draw with a full hand along the way.

However, since you’ll be getting through your own cards quite quickly as well, you may as well seek the Golden Monkey; it’s not always the best idea to play it mind – especially if you’re holding Bran Bronzebeard and a couple of Coldlight Oracle – but it’s the reason I called this the “Monkey Seeker” Druid anyway.

Things to bear in mind:

  • You are going to take damage but there’s a lot of healing in this deck, don’t be afraid to use your hero power on minions
  • When I say a lot of healing, there is a lot of healing at least 32 points but with Brann BronzebeardYouthful Brewmaster and Antique Healbot combined with Healing Touch it maxes out at 80… though there are much better uses for the Brewmasters
  • A lot of the creatures in this deck have 4 attack which means they’re in the Priest’s blind spot
  • Raven Idol can win you the game if you use it strategically; sometimes all it takes is another Naturalize when your opponent is already fatigued.
  • It’s worth holding onto a Naturalize if you’ve got a Deathlord out … sometimes you can get a nasty surprise when it dies, you don’t want a Molten Giant dropped on you with no way to remove it quickly.

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