Miracle Rogue – SA

Class: Rogue - Format: phoenix - Type: combo - Season: season-77 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


Control Mulligans

Against Control always hold onto Deadly Posion and Sword as it will be the major damage source. 

So far i have played like 50-55 games while constantly changing cards and updating the list as i saw fit. The early game of the previous list was kinda weak as most of the early to mid game cards were awkward and clunky to play at times. Also the meta being fast at the moment wants the deck to have a pretty good early game in order to have a chance against most of the aggro decks. As said, both Questing Adventurer and Dread Corsair kinda felt slow and awkward in hand as it was sometimes tough to get any value or tempo off the cards.

So the initial thought was to improve the early game of the deck while cutting the inconsistent cards. This is the list i had most success with but am still not sold on some cards like Violet Teacher as am still experimenting on how well it plays out in the list, so far its performing pretty good against aggro and also provides a 1/1 body for Cold Blood


+1x Violet Teacher
+2x Cold Blood
+2x Wand Thief

-1x Doctor Krastinov
-2x Dread Corsair
-2x Questing Adventurer

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