Ichorids Standard Mill Rogue

Class: Rogue - Format: kraken - Type: fatigue - Season: season-29 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

Against decks with a strong early game just remove their stuff and coldlight oracle when he makes a weak deploy. Just mill right away against the slower decks ..winrate here is very high. This is why the deck is packed with heals and removal to always have an answer right away which obviously prevents most damage. Thats why chargers and weapons can be a problem for mill rogue sometimes. Only Reno and Defender of Argus can carry those games if they get out of hand.

Hi there foks! I’m the german legend player Ichorid and i am planning to go for legend again this season with this version of mill rogue. I want to point out right away that i but a HUGE amount of time into this deck with all its cardchoices… and i can finaly say that im happy with it.

So the general gameplan is getting board with the tempo rogue provides with efficient removal. Then set up a gangup + oracle when you feel like its time, usually around turn 6. If you dont see the gangup you can safely draw into it on turn 6 if you have a prep for vanish or shadowstep. Then you have to survive for 4 turns while also milling which this deck is designed to do with saps and vanish( if you vanish oracles its double value). On turn 10 you can oneshot your oponent with the following conditions:

-your oponent is on 28 health and has 6 cards in his deck. You have brann in hand.

-you have a shadowstep in the deck and gang up has been used at least once( count your deck cards and health you will be milling 12 cards)

Then you just play brann and 3 oracles( one with shadowstep). If brann was shadowstepped that also works of course. They all cost 3 mana so it 3+3+3+1 mana. With the draw of your oponent next turn you let your oponent draw 13 cards thats 7 vatigue. As a rule of thumb keep in mind that 5 vatigue is 15 damage. 6 vatigue is 15 +6=21damage, so 7 vatigue is 21+7=28 damage.

often times you have to do the math yourself but always be aware: the faster you mill the easier it will be to survive the waves of your oponent and reno also can only be activated after milling the whole deck. This deck rewards you for milling fast no matter how scary the things your opponent draws might be.

General rules about some cards:

-try to always hit battlecrys with vanish to get the most value from it, idealy coldlight oracle. Also playing doomsayer after vanish is a good play.  Azure drakes are also in there to find the coldlight if you dont have it so use all shadowsteps/ vanish on  it untill you feel confortable. The vendor is the best heal because he gets vanished the most! (Edit: trying earthen ring farseer right now to see if the 1 mana matters or not)

(btw i hate that i cant have him as the featured image because he really is the star of this deck)

-with vanish and sap you can always choose to kill or to not trigger deathrattles if you manage oracle correctly.

-Always gang up your coldlight oracle you wanna go for the kill. Playing at least a coldlight every turn can greatly reduce the number of turns one has to survive and always try to set up lethal. I always check how many cards i have to burn and how many turns it will probably take. The hard part about learning mill rogue is keeping an eye on everything, because every factor will influence the outcome of the game. Enemy lifetotal, deck, hand and own lifetotal,deck (and maybe hand but obviously try not to overdraw; if you burn a gang up your done). When learning this deck just try to find rules to follow. If played correctly this version now can take most games and is super satisfying and also fun to watch! #iwisheverydeckwaslikethis

Yogg can do wonders in this deck. Sometimes there is a gap between drawing oracle that he can fill while clearing the board. Im yet to be disapointed by this guy.

So gl hf milling, see you in legend πŸ˜‰

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