Exodia – No Way! (gate)

Class: Mage - Format: mammoth - Season: season-45

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

These cards all thin your deck and you do not want them in your hand when you've got Simulacrum and an Apprentice - I've thrown games away by not paying attention and accidentally cloning the wrong minion :|

Frostbolt is not a bad keep if your opponent is likely to have a strong 1/3 opener (like Northshire Cleric).

Aggro Mulligans

Against aggro you need to try and preserve your health as much as possible and nuke their minions - even if you're dropping Doomsayer on turn 2 rather than waiting for the combo with Frost Nova on 5.

If your early Doomsayer gets splattered with Deadly Shot or Crazed Alchemist you're probably going to lose.

Control Mulligans

With some of the slower matchups, especially Overload-heavy Shamans, Coldlight Oracle is actually a reasonable keep... mainly because you can burn some of your opponents cards by overloading their hand. Unfortunately it's a terrible keep against aggro-token evolve Shamans so unless you can guess which it is in advance...

It’s all about the OTK…

The setup is to use Simulacrum, twice, on a Sorcerer's Apprentice then drop Leyline Manipulator to reduce their cost to zero.

When you’ve got Archmage Antonidas, both Molten Reflection a cheap spell (e.g. Frostbolt or Primordial Glyph) and both Apprentices… then you’re good to go.

Drop the free apprentices, then reflect them, leaving you with 7 mana to summon Antonidas, lob the cheap (now free) spell and it’s infinite fireballs to the face time!

Because the combo is so convoluted you need lots and lots of card draw… odds are you’ll be right at the end of your deck before you can pull it off.

This deck is weak against strong aggressive decks (Demon Zoolock for instance) and other mages with Ice Block (no way to deal with it) but fairly strong against slower decks like Big Druid or Priest – even so, like most of my decks, it’s mostly for fun and isn’t terribly competitive.

Why Glyphs when there’s no Waygate?

The Glyphs are in there primarily for the flexibility – sometimes you just don’t have the answer you need and getting lucky with a Glyph can save your bacon – but you can always use one to activate the infinite fireball run.

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