Squeegee’s Classic Midrange Druid

Class: Druid - Format: Raven - Season: 59

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Deck Import

Basic/Classic Only Midrange Druid (Evergreen Sets Only)

Potential Swaps:

(2) Acidic Swamp Ooze
1 x (3) Acolyte of Pain
1 x (3) Earthen Ring Farseer
(4) Gnomish Inventor


  • (6) Starfire helps with our lack of card draw
  • (5) Harrison can help with our lack of card draw
  • This list partially needs more higher curve cards to compensate for the lack of good card draw options following the (6) Nourish nerf. Honestly, (4) Gnomish or even 1 x (3) Acolyte as a one-of are likley preferred to (6) Nourish in a midrange list like this at present.
  • (2) Power of the Wild + (4) VT combo
  • Turn 10, Cenarius can be played out alongside (1) AS or (1) Naturalize where (1) AS can make its +2/+2 buffs tip over to worthwhile if you’ve got another minion on the board.
  • (2) PotW can be nice if you can play it alongside (6) AC or any of our Divine Shield minions that are able to trade the turn (2) PotW is played.

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