Budget C’Thun Priest Deck List Guide 2017

Class: Priest - Format: mammoth - Type: midrange - Style: budget - Meta Deck: C'Thun Priest

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Deck Import

C’Thun Priest as with C’Thun Mage are older decks, but still viable when you are in the ranks of 25 – 15. The deck will have its struggles, but Priest’s budget options are fairly slim. I tried working with a budget version of Inner Fire Priest, but not having Shadow Visions makes the deck very inconsistent.

To get C'Thun and 2x Beckoner of Evil you’ll need to open one pack from the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion (they are guaranteed in your first pack from WotOG).

Budget C’Thun Priest Mulligan Guide

You are looking to get on the board early with Northshire Cleric and Beckoner of Evil. Wild Pyromancer is a keepable option, and you should keep a 3-drop if you already have a 2-drop. If you are on the coin and you have a 2-drop you can keep a 4-drop like C'Thun's Chosen.

Future Card Replacements for Budget C’Thun Priest

I probably wouldn’t invest too heavily in this deck as there are quite a few better decks to build towards.

  • Skeram Cultist > Twin Emperor Vek'lor – Twin Emperor was one of the reasons you would play a C’Thun deck in the first place. If you happen to get it you’ll find that the deck would fair better, but the card still doesn’t make C’Thun decks totally worth playing.

General Replacements

Here’s just a list of cards you can add to this deck if you happen to be missing any of them and have already made replacements.

  • Crazed Worshipper – If you happen to get him in a pack he can be pretty decent in this deck. I wouldn’t craft him though.
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  1. dgdfv
    July 24, 2017 at 5:03 am


  2. John
    April 18, 2017 at 9:41 am

    I just get back playing hearthstone after ungoro expansion and this deck was basically the only one that i could get without spending gold or dust, just using cards i already had.
    This is a very solid deck, playing cthun cards on curve, healing minions and saving cthun for the right time.
    But it felt very old and there were times that i couldnt do anything but hoping to die fast.
    Its true that it would felt better playing a deck with more recent cards, at least a common kabal talonpriest. But i could get fun playing cthun =) Give it a try