An actually viable Druid deck.

Class: Druid - Format: pegasus - Type: combo - Season: season-121 - Style: ladder

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Viable OTK deck

Play dragons on curve and empty your hand as much as you can

Draw all spells with Malygos and OTK next turn.

Can be played as a burn deck if your opponent plays too slow.

The spells in this deck are COMBO PIECES. Try to get and use at least one call of dragons before playing Malygos. And feel free to just use one innervate to increase tempo and empty hand and one swipe to fight for board.

This deck has a lot of lethal ranges based on the amount of setup, like spell damage locations and spell damage dragon tokens, which you can put down thanks to mana generating spells

Always keep cheap dragons to play for ramp or tempo, and keep swipe into agressive decks. Summer flowerchild is a very good keep if you already have something to play before that. Do not keep any other spells that are not swipe or take to the skies.

Desert nestmatron + Chia drake are best friends. This combination is the only way to make Chia drake not be the worst miniaturize card in Hearthstone. 

Have fun!

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