A Peek to the Past (Zoolock Brawl)

Class: Warlock - Format: mammoth - Style: tavern-brawl

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General Mulligans

In this brawl, everyone runs minion heavy decks, often with cheap, 1-health minions on the board from the get-go so Argent Squire and Voidwalker are invaluable. That's also why Knife Jugger and Mortal Coil are decent keeps.

Flame Imp is just huge value for 1 mana so always keep that.

Only keep Abusive Sergeant if you've got Argent Squire in hand.

Harvest Golem is a good follow up to Knife Jugger on a clear board, it's not a must-keep but it's a lot of value for 3 mana.

Harvest Golem is a great amount of value for 3 mana and synergises well with both the Knife Juggler and Flesheating Ghoul – as does Voidwalker.

The most important starting cards are Voidwalker and Flame Imp but Argent Squire and Mortal Coil are both decent keeps, together they allow you to remove a 2 health minion and draw a card which, at the cost of the Divine Shield, is strong in the early game.

Acidic Swamp Ooze is a good keep against Hunter for the Eaglehorn Bow which will inevitably be dropped on turn 3 – Warrior might not run the Fiery War Axe since the nerf but…

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